Tinder Right Swipe Limit and Premium: Every Match Counts

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Tinder cracks down on ?improper use? of the app by limiting the number of right swipes. (Image courtesy of Tinder)

Last week, the popular dating app Tinder announced a move that changes the way people find ?matches.? The application is implementing an algorithm that will limit certain users from doing indiscriminate right swipes.

The problem

When an app reaches peak popularity, there will always be those who will want to use it inappropriately, or worse, those crooks who want to capitalize on its fame by using spam bots and other malware. This is what Tinder is trying to address by implementing ?aggressive? algorithms. In their blog post, the team mentioned that right-swiping all you want negatively affects user experience.

The company noticed that ?a small number of users only swipe right just to see who likes them back. These users diminish the fun for everyone else by creating low quality matches that never lead to conversations. As Tinder continues to grow, it?s our mission to make sure every match counts. ?

How the right swipe limit works

Tech Crunch reports that this right swipe limited in known internally as ?Bouncer.? The new algorithm is said to work by detecting a number of factors including number of swipers, direction, velocity (of swipes), and the time spent looking at a person?s profile. Once activated, this mechanism will ?intelligently? limit the number of right swipes a user can perform within a 12-hour period.

Tinder shared that regular users should never really encounter this restriction and only that tiny, fascinating fraction of Tinder users who keep on swiping right reflexively on every recommendation is subject to the limiter.

Early signs of effectiveness

This new feature was, in fact, rolled out 10 days prior to the announcement. The team discloses that it has already shown signs of effectiveness as the app has seen a 25% increase in the number of messages per match, 25% increase in the number of matches for each right swipe as well as a 52% decrease in spam bots.


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