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Tinder Plus Tips and Tricks for Men: What Type of Pictures You Must Use

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First impression is always important whether it?d be in in real life or through online. For a dating app like Tinder Plus, if you really want to make a good first impression, the first thing you must do is upload a decent photo. Then once you did that, the personality will come in next. But first, let?s talk about what type of profile picture you should use on a dating site like this one.

Here you will find a few tips that you can use when you are planning to change or add a profile picture, according to neoreach.

Tinder Plus tips that you must keep in mind when uploading your profile picture

  • The Smart, Sophisticated Gentleman look ? Everyone likes a smart looking person, especially on a dating app or any social media platform. So if you are a guy who just registered to Tinder Plus and still haven?t decided what type of photo to use as your profile picture, go for the smart looking, sophisticated gentleman look. Wear a suit, shave your face and don?t forget to fix your hair. This will certainly raise the odds of you meeting a much more deserving, matured woman.
  • Decent headshot photo that brings out your eyes and your smile ? Just like what they have suggested on neoreach, a decent headshot will go a long way on a dating website. Make sure that it captures your face and a bit of your neck plus don?t forget to smile. This is a headshot for a dating website not a mug shot.
  • If you are going for a body shot, be subtle ? Do not take a selfie (or pose in front of a mirror and take the shot) if you are going for this type of photo. It looks arrogant like saying ?look at my awesome body?. If you really want to show off your physique, take a picture when you and your friends go out on the beach. Have someone take a picture and do a normal pose and don?t forget to go for the whole body?yes, that includes your head down to your toes, not just your abs.
  • Show your fun side and don?t be boring (also known as the ?this is my hobby? shot or for some people ?Look at me, I?m adventurous? shot) ? Do you enjoy snorkeling? Or perhaps mountain climbing? If yes, then take a picture of it and post it on your Tinder Plus. It perfectly shows that you are an interesting person and that you have a hobby. Who knows, maybe the next woman you talk to also share the same activities as you do.

I hope these tips for Tinder Plus helped you find some female friends. Good luck out there.

Image source and credits to Tinder

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