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Tinder Online: Dating App Now On Desktop; What We Know So Far

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Tinder Desktop

Four years ago, Tinder made its debut on mobile phones across the globe. The dating app has already managed to help a lot of people in finding a lifetime partner or at least a date for the night. This time, developers has taken it to another level as they bring the app to our desktops which they call Tinder Online.

The desktop edition of the dating app will mostly be like its mobile version. It would still be about connecting people who are looking for their special someone. However, there are some few changes developers applied to the latest app which is related to how users will run it. Obviously, it would be hard for the “swiping” method to still exist on desktops.

According to Engadget, swiping left and right are now gone. It will be replaced by clicking, dragging, and tapping arrow keys. These new gestures will be the ones you will use in finding your potential matches. Plus, the new app will improve your ability to converse with other users. A message panel will now be available on the screen all the time. Through this, interacting with others will be easier instead of just judging them through their pictures.

Tinder Online

Advantage of Tinder Online

The dating app is said to be “your English professor’s worst nightmare.” We all know that mobile phones are usually prohibited in classrooms or offices. But, with the dating app now available on desktops, users will now find it easier to connect with other people without using their phones. Also, through bringing the app on computers, the company also tries to attract users that do not have enough memory support for Tinder on their phones.

Meanwhile, Tinder Head of Product Brian Norgard recently mentioned that it was not that easy making the desktop version of the app. “Our DNA is mobile so there was a learning curve involved in building something for a bigger screen,” said Norgard in an interview with TechCrunch. This is also the main reason why the company decided to apply some tweaks to the new app.

As of writing, the app is already available for testing in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Indonesia. These are the countries that have weak cellular connections and so using Tinder Online will be highly recommended. Users in the United States, on the other hand, will get their hands on the app later this year.

There you have it! Some of the latest news and updates about Tinder Online. What do you think of this new desktop app? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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