Tinder is Now Integrated with Instagram for its Most Recent Update

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Image source and credits to Tinder

Tinder’s latest update includes the integration of the app to Instagram and many more

Tinder is the latest talk of the town dating app for Android and iOS. It is like going to a dating website but instead of using the web browser, here, one?just opens the app and the dating scene is at one’s fingertips.

Recently, the dating app had just received a wonderful feature. From its recent update, Tinder and Instagram are now integrated.

Tinder now has Instagram integration as part of the app?s feature

According to techspot, Tinder had recently released their update for the dating app which gives integration with?the photo sharing app Instagram. Before this update, as stated by that source, users had to rely on Facebook?in order to share a photo, but thanks to this added feature, loyal users can now also use the photo sharing platform to share their precious moments.

?This is the first of many steps to take the recommendations engine to the next level and help you assess the person you?re matching with and start those conversations,? said Sean Rad, co-founder and president of the dating app [via Techcrunch]. ?If we can provide our users with more relevant information for each connection, we can take them halfway there in terms of getting a conversation going.?

Other added features for the dating app

Here are some few added features that you can see on the dating app?s latest update, as reported on techcrunch:

  • Common Connection ? see if you share a mutual friend with the person you are talking to (first degree). Not just that though, the other one was the ?second degree? and as explained on techcrunch, when ?you and your match have two separate friends who happen to be friends with each other.?
  • Not just Instagram but they also included your Facebook interest on your profile ? if the user?links their Facebook to their?Tinder account, the interests indicated on the profole?would also be linked to the Tinder?dating app?s account.

Thanks to these new features, people can now keep the conversation going?no more awkward pauses between messages.

Image source and credits: Tinder

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