Tinder: Ava from ‘Ex Machina’ Spotted and Users are Falling for Her

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Image source and credits to Tinder

Ava, the female android from the upcoming 2015 movie ‘Ex Machina’ was spotted on Tinder!

Many people know what Tinder is and in case you are not one of those people, it is a type of messaging app for Android and iOS but quite different to WhatsApp and Viber and the likes. Here on this app, you can meet different people from different countries. Heck! You can even fall in love with that person?if you two are compatible that is.

However, this recent news for the ?Dating App? for Android and iOS might be a little bit frustrating?and somewhat cool.

Fall in love with Ava, the female android from the upcoming 2015 movie ?Ex Machina? on Tinder

Ava?s profile was first seen on Tinder last Saturday, according to a report made by dailymail. The profile shows a very attractive, 25 year-old female who is currently on Austin that day. However, she may look gorgeous and all that but sadly, she is not real?or at least the character she was portraying on both the movie and on the dating app.

The person on that picture was none other than the Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, the one who will play as Ava on the movie Ex Machina.

One user named Brock took the time to screenshot the conversation he had with Ava. You can clearly see there that she is a bit weird or robot like with her questions and/or replies. The screenshot of the chat message was first posted on AdWeek and as shown there, Ava asked Brock to check her Instagram profile.

Though if you think that you will see more of her pictures?at least the real ones?then you are mistaken. On that Instagram profile, you will only see one photo and video and both of them are promoting the upcoming movie Ex Machina.

If you ask me, this one is actually quite brilliant but also disappointing at the same time. Ava on Tinder has this aura of being a real bot which makes it more convincing but different compared to that kind of bot on a dating site.

Image source and credits to?Tinder

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