Tina Knowles Takes A Break From Social Media After Jennifer Hudson Incident

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tina knowles social media break

Looks like even Beyonce?s mom is getting tired of celebrity dramas. Tina Knowles is reportedly taking a social media break after getting involved in a Jennifer Hudson drama.

Knowles is currently getting a lot of hate on social media after accidentally liking a comment that might have offended a lot of Hudson?s fans.

What Lead to the Tina Knowles Social Media Break

It all started with an Instagram post of Beyonce?s performance of Dreamgirl?s ?Patience? with Anika Noni Rose and Hudson. In the post, one user commented on Hudson?s performance, calling it ?horrible?.

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While it should have been just another hate from a random fan, all hell broke loose when Knowles liked the comment. Knowles? action immediately spread online and caused a backlash from a lot of fans.

According to E! Online, this happened just after her daughters, Beyonce and Solange, warned her about touching something ?accidentally? while looking at different sites. Talk about a daughter?s instinct.

Tina Knowles Social Media Break

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According to Knowles, her daughters were aware that she wasn?t ?great? on social media, thus the warnings. And apparently, according to her, she might have accidentally ?touched a button?.

Knowles immediately released a statement after the commotion about the Hudson hate post.

Beyonce?s mom posted a commentary on Instagram with a beautiful video of her with her man. In the statement, Knowles cleared out that she did not like the hate post intentionally, and she never would have.

Tina Knowles? Response to Social Media Hate

She also pointed out her admiration for Hudson?s beauty, talent and kindness. Additionally, Knowles said that she would never say anything negative about such a beautiful person.

Knowles even cleared out that her explanation is for Hudson, and not for those people who are making a great deal out of the incident. Furthermore, she sent out her apologies to Hudson for the accident.

Knowles also announced her social media break after seeing the “bad side” of social media.

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