Timesify App: Web Application that Makes you Look Smarter While Protecting your Privacy

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To what extent are you willing to go, just so you could browse in your computer or laptop without anyone trying to spy on what you?re reading? And even if they do, of course you don?t want them to actually see what you?re reading, especially if it?s not just a run of the mill thing.

Well, now, you don?t need to worry about that as there is a new app that will definitely help you conceal that TMZ moment you?re having.

Timesify is an app you can use on your mobile phone’s browser and laptops that disguises or conceals any weird blog post you want to read online. This may not only serve as a privacy protection for you, it can additionally make you look smarter. If you’re fond of reading out of this world news and gossips, Timesify is the best app for you.

How does it actually work? By downloading the Timesify button on your browser and activating it (by clicking) when you open an original post or article you want to read. ?You are disguising the post as an excerpt or article from the New York Times without really giving it a go. If somebody however asks you about the headline, worry not, there’s ?an excerpt of the article that you can read shortly to get information regarding the pseudo headline.

Once you click on the Timesify button, the New York Times headline and part of the article will appear. It’s as if you’re reading a serious news, when in fact you’re actually reading a totally different story.

So how is this helpful? What is the purpose of this kind of app?

Just a reminder, this is not only to conceal dull articles you want to read, but also to serve as a privacy tool ?when reading sensitive and confidential data online.

While it can be concluded that this is mostly useful to people who regularly reads gossip columns and the like, there are also other ways wherein it can be formally and fairly used.

But don?t be fooled by the history of your browsing as the Timesify will not change the facts about your browsing history and what websites you?ve visited.


Image Source: Screenshot of ?The New York Times

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