Time to rest your eyes the best way using this 5-in-1 portable massager you will always love

It comes with an adjustable belt that matches your desired fit

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Gadgets are anywhere, and no one can stop the growth of technology. Working excessively in front of computers or any device that emits unhealthy light is dangerous. Not only can it impair our vision, but it can also cause it to be gone permanently. But don’t worry, let me share one trick to help your eyes keep up with any form of stress they get.

Meet DealExtreme Smart Eye Massager, your new remedy for recurring vision stress!

DealExtreme’s SKG E3 Smart Eye Massager is not like your usual warm compress or eye massage. This device is like a pair of sunglasses but with a different function. It’s a form of massager centered on improving your eye health and releasing stress from overly looking at devices and data that need careful attention.

How does it work?

DealExtreme’s eye massager is a 5-in-1 product. From this device, you can choose among five modes that are more specific to your needs. These modes include relaxation, sleep, eye care, sporting or activeness, and soothing. What’s more is that each type has a distinct combination of air pressure, heat, vibration, and even music. This massager can be a new way of recreation for some.

What other significant features does it have?

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Bluetooth connection for music
  • 6-8 uses per single charge

Does this fit anyone?

Don’t worry if you’re only after the device fitting on you. DealExtreme comes with an adjustable belt you can alter to fit your needs. Also, this massager is portable, which means you can take it anywhere.


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