Time to man up! Increase your odds of a successful pregnancy with this prenatal vitamin

Getting pregnant is not solely on the egg. This prenatal vitamin is one sure way to keep your sperm healthy and fertile.

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For the sperms, it’s a short journey to get to the eggs — and only one of them can trigger a pregnancy. But that will only happen if a healthy, well-shaped, mature sperm can get to the egg. Beli formulated the Beli Men Vitality a vegan prenatal vitamin dedicated to modern couples planning to conceive a baby.

Beli for men’s prenatal multivitamin provides men with the correct nutrients optimized for reproductive and sperm health, with bonus benefits of energy, balance, and overall wellness.

The most common cause of sperm deficiencies is nutrient shortages, and just like women, men’s bodies also need ample vitamins and nutrients to produce healthy sperms.

Beli may be the one vitamin where you can actually feel the effects of overall wellness and energy. That’s mainly because their formulation consists of Shilajit, an adaptogen that has been used for centuries as a potent and very safe way to restore energetic balance and enhance vitality. It is the first to include this adaptogen as a key ingredient to improve sperm quality and the overall fertility potential of men. They claim that clinical investigations have confirmed Shilajit’s effectiveness in improving sperm count and overall sperm quality.

In just two pills of this revolutionary, science-based formulation, men can experience countless benefits to increase their chances of getting a healthy pregnancy. Take this consistently, six months before you try to get pregnant for better results. And to support you much further, Beli can deliver a 30-day supply of your vitamins to your doorstep each month. Your future (little) you will surely thank you later.