Enjoy homemade Nitro cold brew coffee with this kickass coffee maker from beer lovers

Now it has reached the god tier of cold brew coffee makers because one batch can last up to 2 weeks’ worth of nitro coffee!

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Although espressos can perk you up in the morning with their warm froth, there are other delicious and vibrantly cold coffees that you can easily make at home. Why not try to make a refreshing Nitro cold brew coffee at a fraction of the cost?

One of the popular coffee makers that took the coffee industry by storm is the uKeg Cold Brew Coffee Maker by GrowlerWerks, a company founded by beer lovers. They are the first to make at-home nitro cold brew maker.

This badass cold brew maker is the first fully integrated at-home nitro cold-brew coffee-maker and dispenser. That means you can brew, store and pour draft cold brew coffee from the comfort of home…ON NITRO!

It is pragmatically designed with its sleek black chrome-plated, 18/8 stainless steel, and chrome hardware. Just like their equally interesting beer storage, it is an attractive portable solution to your homemade, nitro-infused, cold-brew coffee needs.
It may be a bit odd or funny how beer lovers have shifted their focus and helped us brew, store, and pour nitro coffees at home, but their idea actually took off in Kickstarter. Now they are widely popular in the caffeine world.