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Time for men to give their skin a little TLC using this amazingly effective game-changing serum

Lance Bass and Simon Huck are rocking their glowing skin because of this high-performance, clinically proven, and multi-functional serum

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Even men deserve glowing and healthy skin, too.

Guys say it is not about beauty, it’s about being virile. Men’s skincare is not popular in the beauty industry because they often neglect skincare. But Caldera + Lab found how healthy skin can change a man’s perception of self-care, and they wanted to share this realization with their fellow machos. The Good Multifunctional Serum proves that men too can enjoy the benefits of healthy skin even in their 40s.

Caldera + Lab combines pharmaceutical-grade science, purest and most potent ingredients of nature, and sustainable business practices to formulate an incredible product — The Good Multifunctional Serum.

The Good Multifunctional Serum is a creation of the meticulous craftsmanship of a team of world-renowned scientists along with TV personality Stacy Keibler and husband, Jared Pobre. They aim to create non-toxic skincare for men that is proven to give you your best skin ever.

This serum is a clean, multi-functional face serum designed for men’s skin. It helps restore, nourish, protect your skin against damaging free radicals, and improves the overall appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and skin tone. What is great about this is, it’s a non-GMO and 100% plant-based skincare product containing 27 active botanicals that are wild-harvested from the great heights of Teton Mountain Range. This mountain range has the perfect weather conditions for these wild plants to grow.

You’d be surprised by the effort this company exerted to prove the effectiveness of this revolutionary serum for men. They went above and beyond in their clinical trials because gone are the days when you should have to choose between real results and clean ingredients — they wanted to provide both. They studied the skin changes in 53 participants over 60 days and 96% of men with varying skin types reported healthier-looking skin, 91% reported less dryness, and 97% showed improved fine lines and wrinkles.

Men should stop thinking that drinking water is the only way to achieve healthy skin. More often than not, there will come a time (and age) when the skin needs a little extra TLC.