Tim Tebow In MLB? His Likely Position & Why His Football Physique May Work Against Him In Baseball

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Tim Tebow, in a turn of events, is looking to play professional baseball. Tebow, a 2007 Heisman Trophy recipient, had mixed results in his stint as a pro quarterback ?in the NFL. He had some shining moments with the Denver Broncos that resulted to the ?Tebowmania? back then. After such feats, he seemed to be inconsistent and was traded to other teams until being released on September 5 by the Philadelphia Eagles.

After such, he looks to have settled in his job as a college football analyst for ESPN. Tebow, though, has other plans. His other plans involves a comeback to professional sports. This time it is with professional baseball with MLB. But how does he stack up? What will his likely position be like? Is this serious?

Tim Tebow is not that alien to baseball. He, as Gabe Lacques of USA Today pointed out, played competitive baseball as a junior in high school. He had a batting average of .494 in his short tenure in 2004. Lacques also pointed out the physique of Tim Tebow is already large for an NFL quarterback. He, reportedly, now weighs at 255. He also is a tall 6-4. He would be an imposing figure on the baseball field.

His physique also makes him an average runner in baseball scouting scale. Lacques pointed out that his 40-yard dash time is 4.71 seconds translating into a 7.07 60-yard dash time, the preferred measure for baseball scouting. This time is a 50 at baseball?s 20-80 scouting scale–average. This is not really something that teams would look for in a 28 year-old prospect who had not played competitive baseball since he was in high school.

So where does this leave him? According to Lacques, his team will market him as corner outfielder. A decade away from baseball would not justify giving him a starting position or even as a reserve. His hitting ability is questionable.

Tim Tebow, though, had been training under former major league catcher Chad Moeller, who counts him as a pupil at his summer baseball school. Reportedly, Moeller sees that Tebow has bat speed, power and baseball talent. Moeller added that Tebow has the skill set to play in the Major Leagues and it could happen relatively quickly.

The most famous athletes who were successful from transitioning to baseball from football were Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders. These highly-praised athletes though played the sport in the college level. Would Tim Tebow make a successful transition? Or is this just another laurel to his somewhat marketable media personality? We shall see.

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