Tim Duncan Retiring? With Weaker Spurs & Thunder, Who’s To Stop Warriors Now?

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Is Tim Duncan retiring? San Antonio Spurs? star power forward Tim Duncan is said to be seriously considering retirement. And, it was also recently known that Oklahoma City (OKC) Thunder leading scorer, Kevin Durant, has decided to sign with the Golden State Warriors. With these news, both teams might be weaker ?in the upcoming season, so the question is: who will stop the Dubs?

According to sources, Duncan is really considering retirement. Although it is not yet clear whether or not he would do it prior or after the 2016-2017 season, it is still going to be a huge announcement. Also, there are reports that Duncan will be releasing a statement or will be holding a press conference about his decision. If that would be the case, then the San Antonio Spurs is going to lose one of their pillars that helped the franchise win five NBA championships.

On the other hand, it has been officially confirmed that the OKC will lose their small forward star as Durant has decided to sign with the Warriors. The Thunder is left with their all-star point guard Russell Westbrook and the rising center Steven Adams. There are recent predictions that the organization will go after Rudy Gay or Harrison Barnes, but this has yet to be confirmed.

With the obvious huge changes on the rosters of OKC and the Spurs, who will stop the stronger Golden State Warriors now?

Although San Antonio will eventually lose Tim Duncan, if not now then later due to retirement considering his age, they will still remain a top-caliber team with their leaders Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. Also, they still have their shooters Danny Green and Patty Mills. Keep in mind as well that there are two key players in the roster who can definitely fill in the void Duncan would leave – LaMarcus Aldridge and their newest member Pau Gasol.

It can be recalled that Aldridge joined the organization last year, but they were unable to reach the Finals, or even the Western Conference Finals after they fell short against the Thunder. However, with the addition of Gasol in their lineup, they still have the chance to take a shot at the title come next season.

Aside from the Spurs, there are still great teams in the Western Conference that will definitely give the Warriors a hard time in their quest to get back to the Finals for the third consecutive year. Squads like the Los Angeles Clippers, Portland Trailblazers and the Houston Rockets are certainly going to be there to stop them. Also, if the Memphis Grizzlies will be healthier this upcoming season, they can be a strong force again in the West.

Whether Tim Duncan retires or not, it is still going to be a royal rumble in the Western Conference with all the great teams on the list. Furthermore, although the Thunder lost their main scorer, the skills of Westbrook cannot be overlooked because he certainly can take the team to the playoffs.

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