Tiktok made me buy it: Trending beauty products

If you’re not already following the lip-syncing app TikTok, you may be missing out on some of the best product promotions out there. The app is saturated with short videos promoting all sorts of products, but it seems that beauty and skincare items are particularly popular. From 10-second clips of people testing out new foundations to videos of complete makeup looks, there’s something for everyone when it comes to TikTok beauty.

While some people may be skeptical of spending money based on a video they saw on TikTok, the platform does have its fair share of successes. For example, the viral “TikTok made me buy it” challenge resulted in a number of people purchasing products after seeing them demoed in a quick clip. And let’s be honest – sometimes those videos are just too good to resist. With slick production and creative content, it’s no wonder that so many people are being influenced by TikTok to buy new beauty products.

So if you’re curious about what’s being promoted on TikTok these days, or if you’re just looking for some new beauty inspiration, be sure to check out some of the best videos from the app. You may just end up finding your new favorite product!

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1. Remove contamination from water during shower

I have been fighting with my well water for nearly 20 years, I hate what is has done to my hair & skin. I force my husband to change the filter on the water system twice as often as suggested, and I have tried all kinds of water filters on my shower. NOTHING HELPED. I only just installed this, and washed my hair once and I already see a difference!!! My hair has so much body, its softer. The water presser of this small but mighty shower head is nothing short of amazing. Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my only con so far is its not easy to find replacement filters and balls. but I emailed the seller and they are very quick to reply, even said he would email me when they are in stock! A++++++++ 

– F. Paone

2. Teeth whitening toothbrush

I was very satisfied with this toothbrush. I can actually feel my teeth getting clean since the bristles fit right in between my teeth. The vibration is powerful and the 4 modes you can change are a plus. It feels like a perfect size and I can get in all the hard to reach spots without an issue. I won’t be using any other toothbrush again!

-Angela C.

3. Eyebrow Grow Serum

I couldn’t believe how much my lashes grew so long and full. With mascara I feel like I look like I have fake lashes, but a natural look. I am more confident to wear NO mascara also! My lashes are so nice and long!


4. Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizer & Blackhead Remover Mud Mask

I saw this mask being used by multiple users on Instagram and decided to give it a try. It is amazing! It pulled everything out of my pores including black heads, dirt, and oil. I have sensitive skin and this mask is gentle on it causing no redness or irritation. Once I wash it off it have skin, glowing skin! I would recommend this to anyone, especially those with acne and sensitive skin. Also Teami Blends customer service is quick to answer and thoughtful.

-Alyssa B.

5. RF Radio Frequency Facial And Body Skin Tightening Machine

I had Thermage done at a pricey skin spa about 15 years ago, and the cost was $2500.00. I saw such a difference in my skin after six months that I was beyond impressed. This Mlay device, when used consistently, delivers the same remarkable results at home and at a fraction of the cost. I first used it on the lowest setting for ten minutes and found it very comfortable. After 3 days I went up to medium and ten minutes. The second week I was using it on the highest setting (there are only three heat settings) and for as long as 20 minutes a day. I go slowly, using the gel provided with the device, and use it in a circular motion covering my entire face and neck. The neck will take the longest to improve, but I am seeing remarkable results; effects that no skin care regimen alone can accomplish, and I have some very expensive skincare products. If you’re going to invest this much money in a device, make it a part of your daily regimen…

-Donna M.

6. Soap for removing acne

Since I’ve been a teenager I struggled with horrible acne NOTHING ever worked on my face only made it worse. I wish I can meet the founder in person to thank them personally for this soap. Got uneven skin tone, live acne, dark spots? Yes? Well look no further this is the soap for you. Not expensive and definitely worth buying.

This soap works! buy and see for yourself. But be mindful it drys your skin so you’ll have to get a face moisturising cream. Lets have beautiful skin again!!!

If you’re looking for a normal face soap to use in your daily routine I won’t recommend this soap for you unless you’re suffering from bad acne etc.


7. Remove cheek redness

@briannaancheta Testing out the viral bye bye redness cream to see if it actually works on my redness🤔 #makeupreview #byebyeredness #rednesscorrector #makeuphacks #skincarehack #makeuptips #colorcorrector ♬ original sound - Brianna Ancheta

Great moisturizer!!! I have inflammatory Rosecea, so it is always there. However, I add a drop of Rose hip essential oil to the amt I put on my face because that is also supposed to help with inflammation. This moisturizer feels really rich, smooth and evens out my skin…. Also when I use it and apply any kind of face powder or any type of foundation… it allows those other products to go on smoothly and evan. It takes away the dry or scaly ness of my roseaca and also the facial makeup does not look uneven in my wrinkles.

8. Lashes growth with castor oil

The material on the eyebrushes is quite strong like the texture of a cleaning bottle brush. Because of that this bottle might not be for those with weaker eyelashes the brush will definitely pull out loose eyelashes.

In terms of the funnels, castor oil is so thick that it was impossible to funnel through with the included plugs, I had to hold the funnel and pour the oil to allow air flow.

Despite these minor complaints these are solid bottles for the price and I can finally apply castor oil without mess, five stars.

9. Flawless canvas with dermaplaning

@skinbydrazi DERMAFLASH LUXE is a great option for at-home Dermaplaning! #ad #DERMAPartner #DERMAFLASH #Dermaplaning #Athomedermaplaning ♬ Strawberry - Prod by Rose

LOVE this device- use it once a week. You do have to keep replacements and they aren’t necessarily cheap but not having facial hair is well worth it! 🙂

10. Teeth Whitening System

@rachelxoxomua #AD Whitening my teeth with @VieBeauti Cosmetics ♬ Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez

I started with this product to lighten my front teeth before I get my initial impressions for a partial. With the 1st round, I went 20 minutes and noticed a nice result. With the 2nd round, I only went 10 minutes. I have outer fillings and don’t want them to stand out so trying to get as light as I can without my fillings looking weird. So far, the product is working very well!

Tara E.

11. Targeted radio-frequency energy that stimulates collagen production

OMG, I love, love, love this little magical tool! I’ve been using it for about a month and it really works! I love the ELV mode because I see immediate results right after I use it on my jaw area, but now that I’ve been using for weeks, I see results all over. I’ve had so many people ask me what I’ve been using on my skin. I never write reviews, but WOW, I just had to share. (I’m in my mid forties for reference)

Amy E.

12. Multitasking device — red light therapy

Ok, so normally I don’t fall for ads on social media. But I kept seeing this thing and I’m 41 now and have been trying to deal with dark under eye circles, enlarged pores, and general face puffiness. (I am always tired, I work graveyard shift at a hospital.) Anyway, I thought I would try this. I have been using it every other day for about a month and I am now a believer in… whatever it is that this thing does.

I use it with some plain aloe vera gel instead of a serum (my skin is very sensitive so I only use a few products that I know don’t irritate it – no strange serums for me, thanks.) And then I alternate moisturizing with Cerave moisturizing cream or Glossier’s After Baume.

I really wish I had bothered to take before photos but I didn’t have a lot of faith in this gadget working, so I didn’t. But my facial puffiness has been greatly reduced and my pores seem tighter. My skin feels softer and prettier, overall. And best of all, my undereye circles seem like they’re less noticeable, too.

I will actually be recommending this thing to friends!


13. Repair Cream

I’ve always had pretty clear skin with only a few occasional pimples. My issue has always been dry skin, but lately I’ve also been noticing more issues. Dull and rough texture. Fine lines. Sun spots. Flaking. I’ve NEVER had a skin care routine. Zero. But a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon the korean 10 step skin care routine while searching for self care steps to help ease my anxiety. Its changed my life. My skin feels better than it ever has! This product is one of those thats played a HUGE role in that. It smooths me out and keeps my skin so soft and moisturized. I feel like I’m getting pretty close to achieving that coveted glass skin. No filters on either picture. Seriously, if you’re debating, get it.

-Anastacia J.

14. Primer

This primer is so light and makes a huge difference in the continuity of blending foundation. Has a slight shimmer to it- looks beautiful under my barely there foundation.

15. Ice roller to improve your skin condition

This ice face roller is easy to use. Simply just add water and put it in the freezer for a few hours and ready to use . I heard ice has lots of benefits for the skin. Worth buying if you are into skincare. The size is just right

-Kaylyn C.

16. Gentle massage to help eliminate buildup and impurities

I have used this in conjunction with a low ph gel cleanser for about a week and have not only noticed my skin getting noticeably better but also have received compliments about my now naturally glowy skin. I have acne prone combination skin and this is my new holy grail product.

17. Facial Lifting Tool

I’ve been using this for about a month now and love it. Yes, it’s relaxing and a great way to massage your face, but I’ve noticed healthier and rejuvenated skin too! Few thinks I learned are important, prep the skin, start with neck, anchor the skin, don’t apply too much pressure.

18. Glowing skin

@irregular_wear Sharing some of my favorite products for glowing skin ✨️ #skincare #skinglow #shimmers #beautytok ♬ original sound - I.Q.

I just bought this on a whim one day because it is a really good price but I was so pleasantly surprised at how beautiful this product makes my skin look. I would say that I am a dark caramel color and this skin moisturizing oil it works perfectly for ladies that have a brown or skin tone the shimmer shows up perfectly and I’ve gotten many compliments on it and it has a very pleasant scent that is not too overpowering. I’ve got another body glitter oils and they are much more expensive and you can’t really see the glitter on my skin because I am so dark and they are tailored towards lighter colored women so I am so glad that Vaseline has made a product that I can use and actually works.

Angela S.

19. Red Light Therapy

@lizwebber #trophyskinpartner Here's how I use my @trophyskin red LED RejuvaliteMD! takes 5mins + I immediately see results. Use code LIZ for 15% off #trophyskin ♬ just like magic - Ariana Grande

I bought this product to see if it would help reduce the redness in my face due to rosacea as the lights in this product have anti-inflammatory properties. It has worked for me! I use it daily on both sides of my face (5 mins each side, 10 minutes total) and have seen the redness in my face go down. More importantly, it has made my skin so much more resilient and less sensitive which I did not anticipate. As a bonus in my case, I have also noticed a reduction in fine lines. This product is worth the investment to me.

20. Beauty Roller Uplifting Face Massager

@jacquelinekilikita Trying the 5 min “face lifting” hack with Nurse Jamie’s Uplift Massage Beauty Roller. TikTok made me try it! #facelifting #beautyroller #facialroller ♬ original sound - Jacqueline Kilikita

I love this radiance roller. I use it every night before bed and my skin feels great and it’s so relaxing! I’ve noticed that my skin is tighter and more radiant after a couple of weeks of using the radiance roller. It came in a beautiful box and love the purple!

I’ve been using this product for a few months and I’ve noticed my jowl lines are not sagging as much. I highly recommend getting this product and incorporating into your daily skin care regimen.


21. Ice globes

I ordered these both for myself and my treatment room. I am an Esthetician and I absolutely love these for my facials. They are extremely high quality, gorgeous in color (I got the teal) and stay nice and cold for a good 5-10 minutes. I would definitely buy these again and recommend them to anyone who needs relieve from acne, inflammation, redness or sensitivity in their skin.

22. Mask for smooth wrinkles, diminish discoloration, and clear acne

I’ve been consistent with using this for an entire year now. I use it every night before bed. No problems with the charging or strap or anything. Guess they had a bad batch at one point. It’s hard to tell if it’s changed my appearance but I’m in my mid 30’s and my skin has been pretty good to me for the past year. My rosacea has reduced, I’ve had absolutely no acne at all, my wrinkles are barely noticeable, and overall my skin just looks and feels better. I started using a pricy moisturizer too but I’m sure it’s everything combined. Good purchase!

23. Pore Extractor and Serum Infuser Tool

@shesinscrubs I’ve been really loving this Dermapore device on my days off. Just wanted to post this Lil vid here #skincare #dermaflash #dermapore #spaday ♬ Buttercup - Jullian & Sophie Wood

I love this! I have introduced it into my routine. I struggle from hormonal acne and also bacterial. It has really helped to clear my acne and has been scientifically proven to clear skin of the p acne bacteria. See before and after pic for results of using 3-4x a week for just 3 weeks!


24. Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager

I bought it even though I wasn’t sure if I truly would like it. I’m glad I did, even my husband liked it. The bristles are stiff yet soft so that it scrubs my scalp firmly in a pleasant massage. Small circles totally prevents my hair from tangling so I haven’t had that issue.

25. Lip MicroTip Attachment Head

As a model, nice hydrated lips are super important. The buffer thing on either side of the needles was interesting, very labia like, so that’s pretty cool, if you like that sort of thing. So far my lips hold onto moisture better and I’m on week 2. This is really what I purchased it for: hydrated, fresh lips.

Liz B.

26. Beauty products rack

@sigmabeauty Brush washing made easy with the #SigmaPalmat and Dry N' Shape Tower 😍🙌 #brushcleanig #routine #asmr #beautyroutine ♬ original sound - Sigma Beauty

I love this! I have introduced it into my routine. I struggle from hormonal acne and also bacterial. It has really helped to clear my acne and has been scientifically proven to clear skin of the p acne bacteria. See before and after pic for results of using 3-4x a week for just 3 weeks!


27. Mini App-connected Microcurrent Facial Toning Device

@foreo Your secret weapon for staying FOREO young. 😘 Hit the link in bio to shop BEAR mini. #microcurrent #skintok #foryou #fyp #skincare #FOREO #BEARmini ♬ original sound - FOREO

I love this! I have introduced it into my routine. I struggle from hormonal acne and also bacterial. It has really helped to clear my acne and has been scientifically proven to clear skin of the p acne bacteria. See before and after pic for results of using 3-4x a week for just 3 weeks!


28. PMD Personal Microderm Classic

@pmdbeauty The Personal Microderm Pro keeps my skin lookin fresh💁🏼‍♀️ ✨#skincare #brilliantconfidence #personalmicroderm #pmdbeauty #microdermabrasion ♬ original sound - PMD Beauty

My teenager has acne scars on his forehead and some on his cheeks. Some were pitted and some were discolored. We tried many (understatement) products prior to this tool. I was actually hesitant to buy it since it’s costly and I didn’t think he,d stick to the regimen. Well, I was wrong, he did it as recommended, I truly wish I had before and after pictures: it has been about 4weeks and I can’t believe the difference. It really has soften/smoothed out a lot of the scars, most of the discoloration has faded.

29. Hydrate, Plump and Protect Dry and Combo Skin

This cream is my holy grail. It has been for MONTHS or even a year at this point. I’ve been buying this cream back to back for so many months I’ve lost count already. For sure though, I know I’ve gotten through over 7 tubs of this special ULTRA hydrating cream. It’s just that good.

My skin is really dry and I mean REALLY dry, it can’t just go with any old moisturizer and call it good, no. I gotta have at least 2 backups to keep my face moisturized normally throughout the whole day. But with this bad boy I can slather it on once a day and my face is instantly rejuvenated! Only thing I really do not like is how pricey it is.. but if my face likes this (and it doesn’t like many products, trust me) then I’ll stick to it, for now at least.

30. Acne light therapy/remove wrinkles

@lightstim This is my secret weapon for acne! Just hold in place for three mins per area and say bye bye acne #lightstim #lightstimacnelight #ledtherapy #acnefree #skincareroutine #acne ♬ Stars - Official Sound Studio

I love this! I have introduced it into my routine. I struggle from hormonal acne and also bacterial. It has really helped to clear my acne and has been scientifically proven to clear skin of the p acne bacteria. See before and after pic for results of using 3-4x a week for just 3 weeks!