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‘Throne: Kingdom At War’ Download: Plarium’s Latest Browser Based MMO, Everything You Need To Know

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Throne Kingdom At War Is Best MMO Game

If you are a fan of MMO strategy games, you are probably already well aware of Tel Aviv based developer Plarium, who has managed to become a major player in both the browser and mobile niches for this particular genre.

Plarium now employs over 1000 people, and has managed to find the recipe to produce engaging and popular titles that grow strong user bases even in the notoriously difficult to break into mobile MMO sector.

With popular titles like Stormfall: Age of War, Soldiers Inc. and Vikings: War of Clans already existing on both platforms (in some cases as with Stormfall, as different games in the same setting, in others, such as Vikings, as similar games modified to suit either a browser or mobile environment), Plarium have recently launched the browser version of their hit 2016 mobile MMO Throne: Kingdom at War. Here, we take a look at the latest incarnation of Throne and what you can expect.

The Premise of Throne: Kingdom at War

As with the mobile version of the game, which has been rated highly on both Android and iOS, the premise of the browser version of Throne: Kingdom at War is that you are a ruler who has to build up and manage your kingdom. You can work alongside other rulers, or you can fight them in classic strategy game style.

As with all good MMOs, much of the gameplay is about choosing the right people to side with or pit yourself against, and you are able to work with players from all over the world. Plarium has a massive user community, so there is plenty of scope for interaction with other ‘rulers’, though of course there is also the aspect of working on improving your kingdom to keep things interesting outside of the multiplayer parts of the game.

A Great MMO For Medieval Setting Fans

One of the reasons for Plarium’s success is that they don’t try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to settings, and instead choose popular themes like Vikings, pirates, and in this case Medieval kingdoms, and do them well. While there may be nothing original about the concept of Throne: Kingdom at War, this means it is easy to understand the fictional setting and get on with playing the game. If you enjoy Medieval or quasi-Medieval settings and the more political and strategic aspects of things like Game of Thrones, you’ll feel right at home as soon as you begin playing.

Graphics and Gameplay

The interfaces you have to work with while playing Throne: Kingdom at War through your browser are pleasant and easy to use, with attractive art and beautifully styled character design. Using the interface to manage your kingdom and choose activities is intuitive, and will seem familiar if you have played any of Plarium’s other great MMOs. Sound is used well and doesn’t become annoying when you are concentrating on the game, but if you want to play on silent you don’t really lose the immersion.

Final Word

If you like the kind of games Plarium produces, then this will be a safe bet to become your newest MMO addiction. For people who have not tried a game like this before, it is also a good introduction to the genre with a simple learning curve, lots of freedom, and a big potential user base to play with.

If you’re looking for a compelling and addictive strategy game to play through your browser, Throne: Kingdom at War is a high quality example with plenty to keep you engaged. This will almost certainly be another hit for the developers.

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