AMD to Release Three Enthusiast AMD RX Vega Graphics Card Next Month

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AMD unveiling three AMD RX Vega graphics cards in June

This year’s Computex event in Taiwan is coming in two weeks or so. By now, many AMD fans would know that the company is expected to unveil a number of products during the said event.

Initially, it was thought that the Naples server-grade processors along with the rumoured Threadripper platform will be revealed in June. Now, it seems like there more to it than anyone could have thought. According to some reports, AMD will unveil three AMD RX Vega graphics cards during next month’s Computex event.

Rumor has it that apart from the reported Naples and Threadripper launch, AMD is also gearing of for a massive enthusiast GPU release of all time. Not only that it will unveil three high-end gaming graphics cards, the pricing structure is also rumored to blow everyone’s mind.

According to Tech Power Up, next month’s Computer event in Taiwan will play host to three AMD RX Vega graphics cards namely Nova, Eclipse, and Core. These new enthusiast-grade graphics cards will cost $599, $499, and $399, respectively. Yes, a full $100 less than the NVIDIA GeForce GTC 1080 Ti.

AMD unveiling three AMD RX Vega graphics cards in June

AMD RX Vega Specs (via

The Nova and Eclipse will be based on the same Vega 10 XT architecture albeit that Eclipse will have fewer stream processors; 4096 versus 3584. Furthermore, the Nova will have a water-cooled build while the Eclipse will have an air-cooling feature.

Another thing worth mentioning is that since the Eclipse is using an air-cooled system, it will run slightly slower than the Nova version of AMD RX Vega. The difference in stream processors amount to difference of around one TFLOP of computational performance. Another major difference between the Nova and the Eclipse is the on-board memory support. The Nova supports 16GB of HBM2 while the Eclipse sports only 8GB.

Finally, there is the AMD RX Vega Core. Instead of the Vega 10 XT architecture, this graphics card will make use of the Vega 10 Pro architecture. It runs at the same clock speed as the Eclipse but offers more stream processors like the Nova. The AMD RX Vega Core has a theoretical compute power of 10.5 TFLOPs.

All AMD RX Vega enthusiast GPUs will run at 275W TDP.

According to sources, the date at which the AMD products will be unveiled in on June 5. For more tech updates, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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