Thor: Ragnarok Updates: Doctor Stephen Strange to Make a Cameo; Thor and Loki to Reunite with Odin?

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Thor: Ragnarok Rumors

Doctor Stephen Strange will most likely make a cameo appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, according to reports. Director Taika Waititi recently teased fans about the Sorcerer Supreme being part of the highly anticipated movie.

Most recent reports claim that Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are already busy shooting for the film. Hemsworth plays the role of Thor. Hiddleston, on other hand, plays the role of his brother, Loki. Several sources claim that the brothers are travelling in the city of New York as civilians. Thor was photographed holding a note. The note has a home address written on it. It reads 177A Bleecker St.

Fan of the comic book series are aware that 177A Bleecker St. happens to be the address of Doctor Strange. It is also the same place where the Sanctum Sanctorum is found. Fans are quick to assume that Thor and Loki will visit Doctor Strange. Their most apparent motive for visiting him in his home is to ask for help.

Waititi was careful not to reveal anything that might spoil the film. The director said that Doctor Strange?s presence in the movie is something that fans should ponder about. Waititi was able to make it clear though that Doctor Strange?s cameo could lead to something big in Thor: Ragnarok or the next films.

Thor and Loki to Reunite with Odin

Thor: Ragnarok predictions claim that Thor and Loki will find their father in New York. There is a huge chance that Anthony Hopkins?s character as Odin will be part of the film. Several behind the scenes photos seem to prove that Odin is bound to return.

Rumor has it that the three Asgardians will be reunited in Thor: Ragnarok. Although they are already together, they cannot go home too easily. Hela?s evil threats could be too powerful. They need the help of Doctor Strange so they can have another way back home.

Aside from Doctor Strange, Daryl could also make an appearance in Thor: Ragnarok according to reports. Daryl is Thor’s pal in the mockumentary film for Captain America: Civil War. Audiences can enjoy all these and more when Thor: Ragnarok hits the big screens on November 3, 2017.

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