This zero-gravity massage chair helps reduce stress and anxiety, and relaxes your body for a deep and longer sleep

This is the only massager that mimics tissue massager from human hands

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We all benefit from a good massage. Not only does a relaxing massage help relieve you of stress and pain from a long day at work; it also relaxes your body so that it’s conditioned for a good night’s rest. But what about when you’re too tired to even hit the spa before heading home? Plus, it can be a bit costly to be hitting a salon everyday. Well, this is where a massage chair comes in handy.

The thing is that not all massage chairs are created equal and if you’re looking for the perfect massage chair, this Blanquil X Infinity Massage Chair is worth a try!

What is Blanquil X Infinity Massage Chair

Blanquil X Infinity Massage Chair is an adjustable, zero-gravity massage chair designed to help decrease stress and anxiety and help you get a more relaxing and longer sleep at the same time! It provides a 3D/4D massage that mimics deep tissue massages from human hands.

How is this different from other massage chairs?

With Blanquil X Infinity Massage Chair, you will experience a nice relief from pain as it has the ability to customize massages in 7 different regions. It can deliver shiatsu, kneading, tapping, and knocking massages! These motions help prepare your body for sleep and if you still find it hard to fall asleep, you can also try its other amazing features!

What other features do I get from this massage chair?

  • Soothing lumbar heat loosens muscles
  • Full-body stretch
  • Shoulder airbags provide grip to assist in stretch
  • Rollers in the soles provide reflexology massage
  • Full-body airbag compression massage
  • 5 auto programs
Now, who says you need to take a trip to the spa everyday for a much-needed massage?