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This wireless earphone has GPS locator to tell you where you misplaced them

Did we mention they are available at an affordable price, too?

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The problem with wireless earphones is it’s not practical to use for many reasons. Among these are its hefty price and the potential to lose it while you’re out and about. Imagine buying one for more than $159 only to lose one of them on your way to work. That’s instant money down the drain.

But hey, there’s no doubt it’s useful now more than ever with the multitasking world we live in. But it would be more convenient if it’s affordable and trackable in case it’s lost. That’s what Audiovon’s Vonpros wireless earphones are all about.

The Vonpros works like your typical wireless earphones and more. Why more? Because this sexy, sleek, and unique earphones boasts a GPS locator incase you lose or misplace them while you’re going on with your day.

And if this is not “Woah!” enough, then check out these features:

The Vonpros only cost $69.99 and it comes with a 10ft charger and a mystery case. Back for the buck!

Convenience shouldn’t cost us way too much money. It’s much easier on the pocket if you opt to buy affordable products that work the same (and most of the time, more) as luxury brands if you do not have the resources. What’s important is it works, and it helps you go on your daily life.

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