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This vegan drink will take you to dreamland while making your skin look young and radiant

Wake up looking your best and feeling rejuvenated with this vegan sleeping drink

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With everything going on in the world lately, it is no surprise that several people have developed sleeping disorders, making their skin look old and dry.

People have tried a dozen solutions. Some even tried CBD and Hemp infused products for a guaranteed effect. But honestly, CBD and Hemp are not for everyone. So if you are still struggling to find your way to dreamland and want your skin to look young and refreshed, Zolt’s DREAMY + Collagen Boost is perfect for you.

Zolt’s DREAMY + Collagen Boost is a powdered drink designed as a sleep solution formulated with organic ingredients without CBD, THC, hemp, or caffeine.

What this drink has is an Indica terpene blend composed of 22 terpenes and 3mg of melatonin with a vegan collagenic boost formula that improves skin hydration and elasticity. These ingredients will help whisk you off to dreamland while boosting your hair, skin, and nail support with the help of plant-based collagen boosters it contains.

How does the Zolt Dreamy taste?

You can taste a light ginger honey flavor. Dreamy +Collagen Boost is perfect with hot water as a tea, or over ice as a refreshing treat before bed, depending on your preference.

Although the brand is known to add CBD and full-spectrum hemp into their refreshing drink products, DREAMY + Collagen Boost is their new produce addressed for the Vegan community and those who do not want to rely on CBD topicals.

Here’s what people are saying about Zolt’s DREAMY + Collagen Boost:

Zolt’s DREAMY + Collagen Boost can help your body reboot internally while refreshing your appearance for better-looking skin the next day.