This Thursday brings 100+ new items to PlayStation HOME

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Reminder: This week brings a ton of new Playstation HOME content. It’s actually been some time since we’ve recieved an update for our PS3. It’s kind of sad for me I always like receiving SONY’s updates on a regular basis on my PS3 even if it’s to add one single function or just to add a little pizazz to my personal space. The PS3 is still having some growing pains after 3 years on the market but as long as these updates move the PS3/PSN forward and not backwards, then it’s all good. The official Playstation Blog is reporting a few tid-bits of information on the upcoming update coming to the PlayStation HOME.

The first headliner is that there will be over 100 new pieces of content this Thursday in PlayStation Home. There will be some KillZone2 content – mainly the Killzone 2 Visari Throne Room a new personal space theme plus other KZ2 goodies to decorate your space.There of course will be other Home related content even a Post-Apocalyptic Apartment and 70 items just to pimp out this personal space. Let me see now, Um ok?….you will also find new animated t-shirts that broadcast your hometown pride, and animated glow sticks…lol

As always, this week is jam-packed with events – and we’re counting on seeing you at all of them. Head on over to the official Home Clubs and Events sub-forum at for more details about our daily game launching parties…and a special celebrity look-a-like event planned for this Thursday in PlayStation Home where you can win some of the rarest items ever to appear in our world.

Guess I’ll need to power up the ole PS3 for something other than watching my BluRay movies. Not that their aren’t any good games on the PS3 because their are plenty of great games. I just prefer my 360 for gaming and not because I don’t like the PS3 so no need to post a fanboy comment.

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