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This smart plug lets you save electricity and control your devices when you are not at home

Convert your ordinary appliances into modern high-technology devices controllable even when you’re not at home

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We’re now living in a fast-paced, multi tasking world. Unfortunately, forgetting to unplug the cooker or turn the TV and lights off has become a normal situation because we tend to dash out the door to avoid missing meetings or the bus. And because we are always in such a hurry, we tend to spend most of the day thinking about what could happen to our home, or worst, you go back home to check everything. Instead of saving time and being early, these mundane things keep us out of focus and out of time.

But there’s a way to avoid this annoying short-term memory problem, and that’s an innovation that helps you navigate or check your house from a distance, the Avatar Control Smart Plug.

Avatar Control Smart Plug is an outlet plug that allows you to plug into your home’s outlets and run appliances remotely. It can turn an ordinary coffee maker, room fan, or table lamp into a smart device that you can control through voice command or its app.

This WiFi plug connects to your smartphone or tablet via wireless WiFi, so you can use the Avatar Controls app to turn the plug on and off, set schedules, and create scenes and automation. It has several features like the Countdown button, where you can set the timer and automatically turn it off after a specified period. It also has a charging protection function that will ensure charging safety.

What other features does the Avatar Control Smart Plug have?

  1. Energy Monitoring
    The app provides specific details about how much power each appliance is eating and how much it costs you to save electricity and bills.
  2. Voice Control
    It’s compatible with Alexa and Google Home. You can call them if you need to turn on/off electricals.
  3. Group Control & Sharing
    Controls can be shared with a maximum of 30 people. Now you will never have to come home to a dark house.

Simple situations like forgetting to turn off the TV can be nerve-racking, and it can eventually turn into a disaster! But luckily, as we age, so does technology too. And these kinds of innovations will let people get one worrisome thing off their plate.