This skincare brand cares about you and the environment

People should care about what’s in their skincare and how sustainable it is.

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Skin is our body’s first layer of protection. It’s only natural that we take extra precaution in choosing our skincare essentials. It’s not enough that a product is useful but it should use ingredients that will not harm our body and produce the littlest carbon footprint possible.

And that is what Farmacy claims to be. It is a farm-to-skin beauty brand that uses only clean and earth-friendly ingredients to create effective but gentle on the skin products. They also partner with farmers to ensure their resources are maintained according to their standards.

Minimal carbon footprint – Farmacy is making sure they only  use sustainable packaging in their products by constantly looking for recyclable and biodegradable containers. That way, the company can care not only about your wellbeing, but of the environment, too.