This revolutionary alarm clock helps you go to sleep relaxed and makes waking up easier and stress-free

This is now the best time to ditch your smartphone alarm

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Living in the age of the internet and smartphones means one thing – using our mobile devices for practically everything; waking up in the morning included. While it’s definitely the most convenient thing to do, staring at your phone as soon as it plays loud alarm music might just not set your morning off to a good start. 


Lucky for you, you can now ditch your phone alarm and use this revolutionary device you’d wish you’d known sooner. Meet Loftie Clock – a clock that works not only as an alarm clock but also as a stress-busting machine that makes you get better sleep. 


It’s not a secret how blue light and stress can be detrimental to our ability to fall asleep and wake up refreshed which is why Loftie is here to come to the rescue! Loftie can be an excellent way to remove the smartphone from your bedtime and morning routines. Loftie can break relaxing music to make bedtime more relaxing and soothing so you won’t have to rely on your phone to fall asleep. Then, it works the way an alarm clock should except that it can elevate your mornings with new alarms and soothing soundscapes.


So, you know, you can just put your smartphone to the side, fall asleep and wake up relaxed – no phone required.


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