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This organic elixir will help you relieve indigestion the natural way!

Enjoy it straight or mix it with water or juice for a refreshing and revitalizing drink

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Have you ever experienced feeling bloated, like the food is stuck somewhere just above your stomach you can’t eat anymore? Most of us get indigestion or heartburn from the time we overindulge on buffets, parties, or even when we stress eat. But unfortunately for some, it’s a regular day-to-day discomfort.

There are some simple solutions for your indigestion aside from pricking your thumbs – the ecoProbiotic.

ecoProbiotic is an organic pre + probiotic elixir with eight clinically-studied strains of live beneficial bacteria, 19 digestive herbs, and pre-biotic nutrients. It provides fast-acting, digestive, and microbiome support.

It is the only gut health solution to work all four ways to restore a perfectly balanced ecosystem in the gut microbiome, starting with your gut’s pH

How does ecoProbiotic taste?

ecoProbiotic has an invigorating tart berry taste that rapidly wakes up your entire digestive system when it hits your tongue. Just one splash and you know you are getting all the active benefits of organic digestive herbs together with powerful pre + probiotics.

What makes ecoProbiotic effective?

  1. Broad-Spectrum Support for Optimal Health – ecoProbiotic offers dynamic, broad-spectrum support, healthy GI function, and immunity for digestive wellness and healthy immune function.
  2. Fast-Acting, Tart-Berry Elixir – As a liquid probiotic elixir, ecoProbiotic is more potent and bioavailable, delivering faster digestive relief and support, unlike capsule-based probiotics.
  3. Bioavailable and Fast-Acting – ecoProbiotic delivers fast-acting support for digestive wellness while optimizing microbiome balance and enhancing nutrient absorption.
  4. It has clinically studied live Probiotic Strains.

Benefits of drinking ecoProbiotic

Aside from relieving your digestive problems, ecoProbiotic can also help with your gut health and support other functions like:

  • Support a healthy mood
  • Help manage stress
  • Bolster memory
  • Support cognitive functioning
  • Support deeper, more restful sleep
  • Support healthy behaviors

ecoProbiotic is a smart choice for your long-term health, including your neurological health and wellness. While many probiotics give you billions and billions of bacteria, most of those are ineffective. ecoProbiotic delivers the exact right amount of the most essential. Even better, they’ve been activated and preserved using the power of fermentation. It is completely different from other probiotic pills and powders that can sit on a shelf. That’s because ecoProbiotic is a live fermented beverage—a real food that we all need.


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