This miraculous towel can kill 99.9 percent of bacterias, making you feel safe and dry

Ditch your regular towel and instead use an antibacterial cloth that has silver ions to protect you from illnesses

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Have you ever think that your towels are way dirtier than you could ever imagine? Why, yes. Towels are great bacteria traps! Since towels are usually damp, it makes towels a perfect habitat for microorganisms to grow and multiply. Every time you use a towel, you transfer bacterias and any other germs you caught in it. Now it makes sense that experts have been consistent in reminding you to wash your towels more than you do before.

But frequent washing towels, is it realistic, practical, and ecological? Washing them almost every day costs a lot of money, time, and other resources. It can affect mother earth, too (if you are using non-eco-friendly detergents). But there’s a solution. The market for antibacterial towels is growing, and what we are particularly fond of is the Miracle Towel.

Bathroom Towels - Miracle Towels | Miracle Brand

Miracle towel is a new and modern antibacterial towel made from silver woven technology that uses natural silver to prevent 99.9% of bacteria growth through a natural process called Ionization.

The fibers used in the towels are called Miracle fabric. It has silver ions that naturally possess a positive charge that sticks to bacterias like a magnet. This process prevents bacteria growth from the inside out before it ever has a chance to reproduce.

Bathroom Towels - Miracle Towels | Miracle Brand

Benefits of using Silver Fiber:


3x less laundry

  • This Miracle towel can be washed 3x less frequently than traditional sheets, saving you lots of time, money, and effort.

No more odors

  • Microorganisms create odors. When there are fewer or no bacteria, towels are most likely to become odorless.

Healthier Skin

  • Dirty towels contribute to acne formation.   
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It turns out that most people forget the importance of a clean towel. Everybody has been keeping themselves clean by washing hands and using sanitizers. But not many people talk about how these bacterias get transferred on the towels we used for wiping, making towels dirtier than we could ever think.

But thanks to our developing technology, we could experience total cleanliness with innovations like Miracle Towel.

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