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This lip tint doesn’t smudge even on your mask

Bring back the color on your lips without worrying if it will smudge your mask.

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Don’t let face masks ruin your love for modern colored lipstick! With Etude House Fixing Tint, your lips wouldn’t smudge your face and masks.

Etude House knows every girl’s distress when we stopped using lipsticks, or we stopped hoarding them, because really, what’s the use when we always cover our faces with masks? Even video calls don’t do any justice in showing how amazing those lippies are.

Etude House Fixing Tint is a hydro-matte tint that easily blends and fixes onto the lips, assuring transfer-proof after 60 seconds of application. Just take 60 seconds and let the tint fixate on your lips, and voila! You’ll never worry about it coming off!

It also gives us the five best neutral colors; Analog Rose, Vintage Red, Mellow Peach, Ginger Milktea, and Midnight Mauve. Wear different colors for different occasions, or wear them depending on your mood! This tint delivers a comfy feeling on the lips and gives a lightweight matte finish so you don’t feel like you’re wearing one.

Now that we’re slowly going back to meeting friends outside phone and video calls, it’s still important to practice safety precautions and still wear your masks. But that doesn’t mean you can’t show them you’re plump lips in smudge-proof, amazingly colored Etude House Fix Tint.


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