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This Korean men’s skincare is conquering the US!

Finally! An affordable yet premium skin care designed for men is here in the US!

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Men’s self-care is starting to become a norm. Society is embracing the importance of self-care across all genders since the skincare industry has turned a new leaf, by creating more skincare choices for men to include in their self-care routine. One of them is Cardon, whose mission is to provide a simple and easy shopping experience for men to get premium skincare without costing them so much of their money.

Cardon was born from Jacqueline and Narae, two women who saw the rising interest in men’s skincare in the US. Narae, who is very familiar with Korean skincare, did not think that it’s hard to find an affordable yet premium men’s skincare. In her home country, these products are abundant. Their interest grew more when they ran a focus group with a handful of men talking about the issue of lacking men’s skincare. Because we were wired to think that “men do the dirty work”, we did not see self-care, or even skincare as part of their needs. Combining the Korean skincare standards with the need for men to take care of themselves, Cardon came into life.

The brand focuses on giving premium yet affordable skincare essentials for men. They aimed to be the men’s oasis in the desert — a place where men can find honest and accurate information about men’s skincare.

What makes Cardon unique?

Simple. That’s right! Cardon has nothing complicated in its ingredients; it’s vegetarian-friendly, 100% cruelty-free, and most importantly, it has no ingredients that make your tongues twist! No parabens, sulfates, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde, siloxanes, SLES, SLS, ALS, PEGs, phenoxyethanol, petrolatum, silicone, or drying alcohols.

FUN FACT: Cardon is actually a type of cactus. And each and every skincare product they release contains a cactus extract that’s known to support hydration, toxin blocking, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging powers when used in skincare.

Although Cardon is new in the skincare industry, their Daily SPF + Moisturizer, has nothing but good reviews, and was even recognized and awarded as the Best Sunscreen by AskMen Grooming Awards in 2019! All these good energies they got just because they commit to meet the demands of men!

Not yet convinced? Then you must try Cardon’s Ultimate Skincare Set — the set that gives men the ultimate pampering experience they will ever experience. Perfect for an anti-aging routine with added hydration which boosts from the included innovative Korean sheet masks.

Here’s what comes in the Cardon Ultimate Skincare set:

  • WASH. Clay cleanser provides 4X the cleaning power of charcoal and leaves your skin soft, never dried out.
  • PROTECT. The award-winning 2-in-1 Daily SPF Moisturizer for lightweight, everyday protection and hydration.
  • RESCUE. Brighten dark circles and reduce puffiness with our peptide-packed eye cream.
  • REPAIR. Vitamin-enriched Hydro Boost Gel soothes, repairs, and rehydrates your skin as you sleep.
  • BOOST. Nourish your skin once a week with our hydrating sheet masks. Choose either the Bamboo Charcoal masks for those with beards and the Cactus Soothing mask for those without facial hair.

Men shouldn’t settle for regular body soaps alone. We also need to care for ourselves just like how women care for their bodies, too. So jumpstart your self-care journey, and get this perfect remedy for your exhausting skin.

$91.8030% OFF with your 1st subscription with code 'FIRSTSET'

Get it here