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This Kid?s Wild Reaction to His New Minecraft Game is Priceless

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The word ?ecstatic? is not enough to describe this child?s reaction when he received his new Minecraft game.

In this video, the child can be seen excitedly opening a gift. He goes into total hysteria when he sees that the gift contains the Minecraft game. The kid is seen hugging his new present, while wailing and crying ?I?m so happy!?

For others, the video may look like the kid is crying over a gift he did not like. He is crying hardly and looks kind of depressed. But of course we all know that was the contrary, basing from his priceless reaction. We all know those are happy, euphoric tears.

And of course, how would the kid play his Minecraft game without a player? Here then comes the second gift, an Xbox 360, so that the kid can play his new game. The kid also sensed he would be getting an Xbox 360 aside from the Minecraft gift he had earlier opened.

Still sobbing and screaming thanks, he asks if he can play his new Minecraft game on his new Xbox 360 player.

The gift apparently came from one of the kid?s parents, who uploaded the video on Youtube under the username Kenn N.?Bought my kid Minecraft. He was a little excited,? the Youtube user wrote in the video?s title.

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A popular sandbox indie game, Minecraft allows players to create constructions in a 3D procedurally generated world using textured cubes. The game also includes combat, exploration, crafting, and gathering resources.

As of June 2014, Minecraft game has sold close to 54 million copies, across all gaming platforms, including 12 million ones on Xbox 360 and 15 million on PC.

The Minecraft game has also received critical acclaim from the gaming industry. PC Gamer UK awarded Minecraft the Game of the Year in 2010. PC Gamer in July 2010 also listed the game as the fourth-best game to play in the office. It garnered five awards at the 2011 Game Developers Conference, including the Seumas McNally Grand Prize and the Best Debut Game Award. The next year, the game received a Golden Joystick Award in the Best Downloadable Game category.

MineCon, an official Minecraft convention, has been held annually since 2011. The first one was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 2012 MineCon took place in Disneyland Paris while last year?s MineCon was held in Orlando, Florida.


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