This is Us Spoilers: Thanksgiving Episode Big Reveal; What Caused Jack Pearson?s Death?

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The latest This is Us spoilers will have fans waiting eagerly for the upcoming episode of the NBC hit show. The latest episode will bear witness to the Pearsons? Thanksgiving celebration, and will bring viewers closer to knowing how Jack Pearson died. It?s not hard to imagine that This is Us fans have been dropping guesses about what caused Jack?s death, right?

But then again, while waiting for that big revelation, the latest This is Us spoilers will make viewers feel like they?re a part of the Pearson family.

Note: First, do keep in mind that this is a spoiler. Second, get your tissues ready.

Family Trouble for The Pearson

Kevin Pearson, played by Justin Hartley, revealed to US Magazine, that fans will be encountering a lot of crying throughout watching the NBC?S hit series, This is Us.

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Mandy Moore, who plays the role of Rebecca Pearson, also divulged that viewers may encounter some cracks between her character?s relationship with Randall. It can be recalled that William promised Rebecca to step out of Randall?s life; but now that William?s back, it?s quite easy to say what happens next.

The actress revealed that This is Us fans may be surprised about the tension between Rebecca and Randall. He would?discover that Rebecca had lied to him about his biological father. Since William returned to his son?s life, there are some issues that needs to faced concerning William?s interaction with Rebecca in the past.

This is Us Spoilers

With this, Randall was left shattered knowing the truth about Rebecca?s past arrangement with William.

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Kevin and Randall?s Growing Relationship

Now that Kevin and Randall are adults, fans are to expect the growing relationship between the two.

In the past episodes of This is Us, Kevin has grown closer to Randall?s daughters. Even though there is still some sort of tension between the two, Kevin?s nieces paved?way for their better relationship.

This is Us will air tomorrow at 9:00 pm EST, on NBC.

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