This is Us Review: Twist In The End Explained, Guarantees Viewership For The Next Episode [Spoilers]

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The premiere delivered on its promise to tug at your heartstrings, and a big twist in the end brought the sales pitch home. Ahead of the premiere, its trailer was already making waves when it launched last May, amassing more than 8 million views on YouTube. Creator Dan Fogelman had banked on a dramedy rarely seen nowadays with series on TV all centered on themes of murder, terrorism and fantasy. Here is our This is Us review.

The series opens with four different sets of characters all going through something in their own phases in life. It is Jack?s 36th birthday and he is in his birthday suit while a very pregnant Rebecca attempts to perform a traditional birthday dance for her husband. The celebration is cut short when Rebecca?s water bag breaks and they immediately rush to the hospital. The couple is expecting triplets, but unfortunately, due to Rebecca?s high-risk pregnancy, only 2 babies survived.

Meanwhile, Randall, a black man adopted as a baby, is seen in his big office as he receives the message that his biological father has been found. He later on gets interrupted by his staff bringing in a cake to celebrate his 36th birthday.

Then there?s Kate who is overweight, and tries to control her diet by putting Post Its all over the containers of food in her fridge. It is her 36th birthday and she musters control from eating her birthday cake prematurely. She goes to a support group for fat people where she meets a potential love interest.

On the other hand, Kevin is an actor stuck in his shallow sitcom career. He seems to only be bankable whenever his shirt is off in front of the camera. In a sudden meltdown, with Alan Thicke as a guest on the sitcom he?s starring in, Kevin decides to quit the show. It is also his 36th birthday.

Surprise twist

While it?s not hard to follow the transitions of the different characters, the connection between them would come to light eventually in a surprise twist. First, Kevin and Kate turn out to be twins. They celebrate their birthday together after Kevin tells her he quit his acting gig.

The bigger plot twist though is when Jack stands next to a man outside of the nursery who informs him that he dropped off a baby that was left in the fire station where he works. Then it all comes together. Jack and Rebecca?s story is being narrated parallel to their kids? 36 years after. It also turns out that the couple adopted Randall, who fit their family as they were ready for three babies in the end.

The series shows a lot of promise and the big plot twist would probably keep the audience hooked until the next episode. Stay tuned to The Bitbag for more This is Us reviews.


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