This Is Us Episode 7 Spoilers: Toby Cheating on Kate?

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This is Us

This Is Us is just about to reach its climax with the recent turn of events. Unfortunately, there was no new episode for the family TV drama on Tuesday, November 8, due to the election coverage.

Episode 7 entitled The Best Washing Machine in the World is scheduled to air on November 15. Now, this new airing date will surely pursue, unless another important coverage takes over the show’s time slot again. Hopefully none.

This Is Us: Tear-jerking Moments

Kate and Toby are making decent progress in their growing romance, but This Is Us spoilers circulating online are hinting that there could be trouble looming around the corner. Kate allegedly stops by Toby?s place unexpectedly, and Toby, surprised as he is, looked like he is hiding something (or someone) that he doesn?t want Katy to see. No, Toby is not cheating on Katie?or, is he?

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Episode 7 has the answer and may well offer up an explanation. It seems that couple would be struggling over Toby?s diet, as he is not following his preferred eating choices. The ?trouble?, luckily, sounds more of hiding something (like a food) rather than a woman in the closet (or under the bed).

Definitely, there would be more tear-jerking moments as the cast teased that the showrunners plan to finally reveal how Daddy Pearson died.

This Is Us: Justin Hartley?s Temporary Absence

Nobody would argue if The Bitbag claims that This Is Us owes much of its success to its great cast, including Justin Hartley who plays Kevin.

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Theories are now suggesting that Hartley might be back on The Young and the Restless (Y&R), his old soap opera, as Adam Newman. The good news, though, is that Hartley had already filmed extra scenes before his departure so as not to compromise the show?s sequence of events. Moreover, Y&R could tape Hartley?s scenes during the season break for This Is Us to avoid conflicted schedules for both high-rating TV shows.

Now, if Hartley fails to meet both character requirements at the same time, a 15-year-old Kevin would take over, probably injecting flashbacks while the older Kevin is out temporarily. At the moment, Hartley?s departure remains to be nothing but theory and the actor himself has not yet given any statement regarding the issue.

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