This is the most effective blue light screen protector in the industry, recommended by doctors

Banish harmful blue light with these provenly effective screen protectors!

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Screens emit a blueish light similar to the sunlight at noon. This light doesn’t just damage our eyes, but it also affects our sleep, too (surprise!). Exposure to this kind of light in the evening confuses your body and reduces melatonin that is responsible for triggering your sleep. Fortunately, we now have a blue light screen protector specifically for iPhones from Eye Just.

The EyeJust’s Blue Light Blocking iPhone Screen Protector protects your eyes, skin, and sleep from blue light without changing the color of your screen by targeting the highest frequency blue light on the spectrum.

It is a simple solution for 24/7 blue light protection and as safe and as effective as you can guess. EyeJust products are tested and recommended by doctors. This specific product has been proven to be the most effective blue-light-blocking screen protector in the industry.

What makes EyeJust Blue Light Blocking iPhone Screen Protector different from others?

  • Made from an impact-resistant film plus blue light blocking technology.
  • Tested by ophthalmologists at UC Irvine and is proven to block up to 50% of HEV blue light.

What is the difference between EyeJust protectors from Blue light blocking software?

Blue light blocking software changes the visible light spectrum coming from your device. Its downside is that it changes the look and color of your screen, making it look orange or yellow.

But EyeJust blue light blocking technology is embedded into the screen protectors and filters out high-frequency blue light, protecting your eyes, skin, and sleep from blue light exposure without changing the color of your screen.

"Screen time is our lifeline, and healthier screen time is my obsession. I had to find a simple solution for healthier screen time to mitigate the dangers of blue light from digital devices. With e-learning, socializing online, and working remotely the new normal, EyeJust is the solution we all need to stay protected while connected."

Gigi Mortimer, Founder

We cannot avoid spending a lot of time in front of phone screens or laptops. It’s a huge part of our lives, so it is good to make sure you filter out unneeded and unwanted blue light after sunset to avoid ruining your body clock and avoid further damage to your eyes, and skin.


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