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This Generation’s Most Disappointing Games

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In gaming, hype is a very powerful beast. There are times that a fan?s excitement for an upcoming game meets a fever pitch, and we occasionally get a game masterpiece that meets that thrill. However, there are times that a highly hyped game, sadly falls so short, that consumers decide to stop buying them. Below is a compilation of some of the most disappointing games of this generation.

Aliens: Colonial Marines
We?re sorry, but we think this game SUCKS BIG TIME. There?s no easy way of putting it. And for many years to come, it will still be a gaming journalist?s punching bag just like Superman 64, E.T. and Duke Nukem Forever. While the development team of Colonial Marines promised a title that encapsulated the claustrophobic horror of the Alien movies, what players got instead was a messed up shooting gallery filled with acid-puking aliens. G-A-M-E-O-V-E-R!

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale
Nintendo?s Super Smash Bros formula is an easy one to mimic, but yet PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale just couldn?t quite copy the fun of Nintendo?s hit fighter. We can say that this game is decent enough in its own right, but the not-so-good fighting and so-so roster list drag the game down. Several influential characters in PlayStation?s history? are missing in action, like Crash Bandicoot, Cloud Strife and Lara Croft. Instead, they?ve included Spike of Ape Escape and two different versions of Cole MacGrath of Infamous. The game?s title should be ?PlayStation Non-Stars Battle Royale?.

Fable 2
Do you know Peter Molyneux? The infamous and quintessential over-hyping game producer? He dreams up astonishing games to create for his team, and spends many years to make everyone excited for them. Fable 1 was a pretty good game, but it has not met the crazy hype Peter had built for it. And when Fable 2 ?hit the market, so did the feces hit the Fable fans. While there are numerous improvements on the original, there were also many flaws in the game, most particularly, its storyline.
Fable 2?s story was a stereotypical fantasy clich? wrapped up in one of the most ?poorly-executed endings in the history of gaming.

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