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This ergonomic massage gaming chair lets you enjoy a nice, relaxing massage while you play!

Now this takes your gaming experience to a whole new level!

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Avid gamers understand the importance of having a comfortable and reliable chair especially when they spend several hours a day sitting and playing their favorite games. Many times, gaming sessions could go on for hours and being in the same sitting position can put a great deal of stress on your lower back.

But who says you have to compromise comfort and relaxation when you can find an excellent gaming chair that gives you a good massage at the same time? All thanks to this Ergonomic Massage Chair from Yitahome, your whole gaming experience is elevated to a whole new level!

What is this Yitahome Ergonomic Massage Gaming Chair

Yitahome Ergonomic Massage Gaming Chair is specially engineered to provide comfort and ultimate relaxation for avid gamers who spend several hours assuming the same sitting position. It is designed to alleviate pain and discomfort from sitting down from long hours.

How does it work? What makes it different from other gaming chairs?

Yitahome Ergonomic Massage Gaming Chair is designed with your total comfort in mind. It has a one-piece thickened seat cushion, elastic, plastic, which prevents the edge from expanding, while enhancing the cushioning effect. It lets you enjoy a long lasting comfort while you play with its massage functions that relieves fatigue and stress on your cervical and thoracic spine.

This massage gaming chair can also recline to up to 180 degrees with 30 degrees flexible rocking. It is taller and wider and can perfectly cater to gamers of all sizes. And on top of the flexibility and adjustability, it also has a headrest on the top of the cushion that fits the neck perfectly, making it more comfortable to sit on!

More features you’ll love about this gaming chair:

  • Smooth-rolling Caster Wheels
  • Seat Cushion
  • Softer Headrest & Lumbar Pillow
  • Functional & Adjustable
  • 100% Highest Security

Playing your favorite games all day long can be real pleasure in itself but doing it for countless hours everyday can be a bit stressful and straining, too. Now thanks to this gaming massage chair from Yitahome, you can play a well fought game without compromising your relaxation and comfort even when you sit there for long periods!


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