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This award-winning device is said to offer the benefits of 3,000 facials

Korean actress Son Ye Jin is gushing over this Optimizer that does facials in just 10 minutes

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Ever wonder how Celebrities maintain their perfect, youthful skin when they’re leading a busy life? Do they often go to their dermatologist, or do they have access to the everflowing water of the youth fountain?

You’d be surprised that their secret lies in the skincare products they use. Although celebrities like Jamie Chung, Pierre Png, and the famous Korean actress Son Ye Jin are using serums, creams, and toners as part of their skincare routine, there’s this luxurious device that they’ve been truly loving — the Optimizer Voyage Tri-light++.

This Optimizer Voyage Tri-light++ is a facial device that provides low-frequency stimulation. It uses NASA-inspired colored LED chromotherapy to tackle various skin issues, depending on the color of light.

Why does Optimizer Voyage Tri-light++ Have 5 Lights?

The device has five lights because each light offers different solutions for different skin troubles. You can easily switch among the colors by pressing the power button:
  • Red: Renews and repairs skin cells
  • Blue: Soothes inflamed skin
  • Yellow: Heals irritated skin and helps give skin a glow
  • Orange: Renews and repairs skin cells + heals irritated skin and gives skin a glow
  • Purple: Soothes inflamed skin + renews and repairs skin cells

Each cycle runs for 10 minutes, so you’re essentially getting a 10-minute at-home facial by using it. The great thing about the device is that it is rechargeable via a USB cable, so you don’t have to fumble with batteries.

Founder & CEO of Skin INC., Sabrina Tan, launched the brand in 2008. A pioneer in the customized skincare category, Skin Inc customized products was also the first to bring a multi-LED light at-home device to consumers with the launch of their Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light in 2018.

The Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light is said to offer the benefits of 3,000 facials! It has proven its effectiveness for years, and that’s how it has won multiple awards since it’s been on the market.

Here’s a list of some of their awards:

  • Harpers Bazaar Beauty Awards 2018 for Best Skin-Saving Gadget
  • The Zoe Report Beauty Awards 2018
  • HelloGiggles Best Skin Care Device – Beauty Crush Awards 2018
  • Singapore Women’s Weekly Best of Beauty Buys 2017 for the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light – Best Skin Firming Tool
  • ELLE Beauty Treat List 2017
  • Harper’s Bazaar Best Beauty Awards for Best Anti-Ageing Gadget
  • STYLE Best Beauty Buy 2016

If this innovative beauty tool is widely recognized and acknowledged for years, and if celebrities are swearing over its effectiveness, then maybe this beauty device is more than just the hype.