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This app helps you find side-hustles that pay up to $20 an hour

Explore millions of job opportunities in various fields.

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  • Jobs, financial trackers, and income boosters for additional cash - all in one app
  • Emergency cash grants to those in need of immediate cash 
  • Countless jobs for coders, voice actors, tutors, writers, graphic designers, and more

Freelancing offers a great way to pursue projects in alignment with your interests along with job flexibility and the option for extra income on top of your full-time job. At the same time, full-time freelancers often work on multiple gigs that suit their varied interests.

Ever since the pandemic started, many Americans have rushed to pursue side-hustles to boost their income in order to compensate for income losses and low savings. In fact, the trillion-dollar freelance industry has been growing at such a rapid pace that it is estimated to become a workforce of over 90 million people by the end of this decade.    

We came across an easy-to-navigate and transparent freelancing app called Steady that offer both side gigs and full-time jobs that could pay up to $20 an hour. 

On Steady, you can create a profile by sharing your basic information, region, expected pay, skillset, work experience, and interests to create your work profile. This will help Steady match you with opportunities that you might be interested in. To date, Steady has listed over 19 million jobs and 5.4 million of them have matched with Steady users. 

You can explore freelance opportunities in coding, tutoring, writing, graphic designing, and voice acting as well as full-time jobs around personal assistance, retail sectors, and the hospitality industry. Steady shared that users could earn up to $5,500 in additional income every year.

You may also benefit from Steady’s income tracker that details income trends and other financial insights.

Steady Goes a Step Further 

Steady also offers emergency cash grants to those who are financially challenged. In partnership with the Workers Lab, they have granted over $4 million to financially troubled users to date.

In addition, you can also benefit from their income boosters that could help you save on taxes, reduce insurance premiums, and even install or review apps for instant cash bonus options. This program has paid over $7 million to Steady users since its inception.