Third-Party Keyboards and Touchpal Set-Up For Your iOS 8

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Earlier this year at Apple’s WWDC, inclusion of a third-party keyboard in??iOS 8 ?became a major curiosity. Apple has changed its rule, and permitted users to use App Store distributed third-party keyboards such as Fleksy, Swiftkey, Swype, TouchPal and more.

As expected, makers of these popular Android keyboards celebrated, and they’ve promptly confirmed that they will be releasing their keyboards for iOS 8.

According to the Swiftkey and Swype statements, their soft-keyboards are coming for iOS 8.

?I think it?s obviously a wonderful day for anyone who wants to be productive and use iOS devices,? said ?Chief Marketing Officer for SwiftKey, Joe Braidwood.

?We believe we?ve built a great product that?s made it easier to type on touchscreens, and we?ve got a great community of Android users to prove it. We can?t wait to extend that to iOS. Ultimately, it means people have more choice, and we?re very excited about that.?

?Not surprisingly, I couldn?t be more excited to bring Swype to iOS users,? said Vice President of Product Marketing at Swype,?Aaron Sheedy,?in a phone interview.

?Our keyboard has been deployed on a billion devices across the world over the last five years, and that?s allowed us to build up a great language model, not only using our own technology, but also learning from our users, so our accuracy is quite good.?

On the off-chance that you can’t ?wait until September to see how this works, here’s how to set up a third-party keyboard to your iPhone’s iOS 8. In this case, we will be using TouchPal Keyboard.

Step by step procedure:

  1. First download TouchPal here.
  2. Head to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards ->Add New Keyboard,?you’ll hit upon a list containing all the Keyboards you’ve downloaded.
  3. Once TouchPal is selected, press Edit to rearrange your keyboard. Select TouchPal as your main keyboard by removing (pressing minus sign) ?the other keyboard on the edit list.
  4. Once you’re done, you can now use your TouchPal keyboard.

Watch the featured demo for TouchPal Keyboard on iOS 8.

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