Third-Party Android Wear Apps Finally Available In Google Play, Check Out The Complete List

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A list dedicated to Android Wear compatible apps launched on Google Play

It looks like Google is bent on keeping the fire raging and burning; it started it last week with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Live and LG G Watch along with the Android Wear OS. After Google, Duolingo, IFTTT, and Delta updated their owns apps to support Android Wear, it seems that the floodgates have opened as the Google Play Store now has a page devoted to the host of Android wear apps compatible with the said wearable device OS.

Following their global roll out of Google Play Services 5.0 last week, the tech giant followed through with the first batch of home-grown as well as third-party apps for smartwatches powered by Android Wear. The list of apps appears to be coming out in a gradual fashion as some users are reportedly seeing different titles.

In their Google+ post about this Android Wear development, this is what Android Developers have to say:

“In addition to notifications bridged from the phone, Android Wear allows developers to write code that runs directly on the wearable. Nearly all the APIs Android developers are already familiar with are accessible on the wearable allowing fully customized UI, reading sensors directly, integrating with voice actions, and sharing data between the phone or tablet and the wearable.”

Of course, these apps won?t do you any good until you?ve actually gotten your hands on one of the two Android Wear powered devices. But if you’re expecting to have them anytime now, be sure to get a hold of this list so you?re prepared. Here?s the complete list of Android Wear compatible apps as they appear (as of this writing) in the dedicated Google Play Store page:

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