Third Age: Total War – Bringing Over Middle-Earth to Medieval 2: Total War

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If you?re looking for a game that educates you while at the same time, you?re having fun, you don?t have to look any further. The Creative Assembly brings to us Medieval 2: Total War in a completely surprising package that illustrates how games can also be used as a tool for education. Medieval 2: Total War thrusts you right into the action as a war commander, utilizing strategies and ploys to make yourself into the ultimate king-maker.

Historical scenarios have since been explored with the gameplay in Medieval 2: Total War and it is quite plenty. There are scenarios where, instead of Britain invading the Scots and attempting to make them succumb to their rule, the Scots proved powerful enough to invade a young British kingdom, and conquered it on the way to establishing an empire. Another explored the possibility of having a Fatimid caliphate that is powerful enough to conquer Rome and the Vatican and hold it ransom, letting Islam rule supreme rather than Christianity.

If there?s one thing we do know about games, however, it?s that the source code for these games can be tweaked and played around with enough for us to make it suit our needs. That?s why mods are a-plenty on the Web, and a lot of them are good enough to replace even the official mods or expansions the game developers offer. That?s what this mod for Medieval 2: Total War is all about.

A Fitting Mod for the Total War Series

If you?re going to talk about Total War in a fictional sense, you might as well throw in the world in which Lord of the Rings was founded on. Middle Earth was set in a Middle Ages type of setting, and the wars that always erupted in it are also a-plenty. Take for instance the wars in ?The Children of Hurin?, where the first Dark Lord, the predecessor of Sauron, wreaked havoc over the ancestors of Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli. Then the War of the Ring happened, where Aragorn?s forebear, Isildur, defeated the Dark Lord of that time, Sauron.

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If you?re one of the many gamers who share a common obsession with all things Tolkien, then you should check out the available Lord of the Rings mod for Medieval 2: Total War. This mod, christened The Third Age: Total War, chronicles the entire length of the Third Age, starting off with the instance of the first Battle of Mount Doom, where the alliance of those who opposed Sauron mounted an attack to end his tyranny and oppression once and for all. It also covers the events told in ?The Lord of The Rings?, where Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli are part of the alliance formed to protect the bearer of the One Ring, Frodo, as he makes his way to destroying the ring in the fires of Mount Doom.

You get to relive the vast battlefields of the Third Age as each character is painstakingly created down to the smallest detail. You will see the riders of Rohan recreate their famous battle charge, and the armies of Gondor defend the citadel once again from the forces of the vile orcs of the White Hand and The Eye?s own armies. If you?re a fan of strategy, and you think you can do a better job commanding the armies of either Sauron or the Alliance, you should give this mod a try.

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