Does Thinking Really Make you Lose Weight?

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Lately, more and more people have been thinking of losing weight. Some people have tried everything; from fitness training, jogging, and even taking weight-loss supplements. But is there an easier way?

We all know how our everyday lives are just plain busy and dull. We have families to attend to, kids to feed, friends to hang out with, and of course our plain old day job. We don?t have time to hit the gym. Have you ever thought that we might actually lose weight just by thinking hard?

When your body is doing nothing (sleeping or resting), did you know that an estimated 10 to 20% is used by your brain alone? Yes, our brain does take a lot of energy from our body because of its inherent functions. You use about 1/5 of a calorie a minute when you are resting. It?s sad when you think about it. You don?t even lose a calorie per minute! That isn?t really much help if you eat like an animal during supper or like to eat loads of dessert at your breakfast table.

So with this in mind, what does happen when you put your mind into a state of stress? What happens when your brain is working the entire time? Researchers have now attempted to find the answer to this question. They have found out that your blood glucose levels drop significantly lower when you are pre-occupied and your mind is processing a difficult task. However, the calories used up to do these tasks were only averaging only 1/5 calories per minute. Knowing most people don?t actually think that long, you are better off taking a jog or a brisk walk on your way to work.

You know what thinking hard can make you feel? It makes you hungry! Study done by researchers from the University of Laval found out that strenuous mental activity will only make you hungry instead. Overthinking will cause you to consume more food after completing a grueling thinking task. This explains why most people are hungry after taking tests or exams. So this is the end of our dream to lose weight easily. Let?s just hit the gym if we have time okay?

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