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What Do You Think of Nintendo NX Using Cartridges Instead of Discs?

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Aside from the sense of deja vu that comes with the proposed use of cartridges instead of discs for the Nintendo NX, what else can you say about the rapid shift in this modern era? According to Ars Technica, there are indeed positive aspects to the proposed return to cartridges, such as providing a better online gaming experience, as well as the hard facts that surround the technical business of manufacturing memory chips. ?

Apparently, the company?s plan to make the Nintendo NX cartridge-based rather than using the disc has opened up an opportunity for companies making the units. Macronix earlier this year has hinted on making these microchips for the Nintendo NX, another indication that the NX may just be more than a digitally designed platform, but also one that has a physical media.

At any rate to which the plans will push through, you can expect Macronix to create similar chips that run the systems of Wii U and the PlayStation 4.

SInce optical discs aren?t what they used to be, Nintendo is capitalizing on the fact that some gamers will consider returning to the retro days and prepare to do the good ol? days of cleaning cartridges before you feed them to the console. Will game developers like the idea? Are they willing to develop their games in such a way that they can be integrated in the same manner as homegrown games in the cartridge medium?

While nothing about the cartridge issue has been confirmed by Nintendo, a lot about how stiff the competition can be with regards to the console battles can be told by the platform?s accessibility. TechRadar recently featured the latest from Sony (PS Neo) and Microsoft (Xbox One S/Project Scorpio) and you may think the Nintendo NX pretty much hit the edge with the cartridge thing.

Everything else will come to light next year, after the company launches the Nintendo NX platform. Stay tuned and read latest updates and see just what?s in store for you. Also, you can check Nintendo?s official website for the newest update on the console platform.

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