Things You Would Want To See at Google I/O 2014

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Google IO 2014
Google IO 2014

Google IO 2014 is just around the corner. It is officially announced that the big event will kick off at 9 a.m. on June 25, Pacific time. There are lots of things that you might see in the event, granted, you didn?t miss the registration. Badass looking robots, smartwatches, major mobile operating system updates, and new devices are just some of the numerous things rumored on Google IO?s keynote. We list down the most talked about stuff, which, you really wanted to see made for real anyway.

Android 4.5 OR 5.0

Google is pretty much way behind schedule, and it could be safe to say that Android 4.5, or 5.0 entirely, will make its way on Google IO. 4.4 Kitkat was announced 9 months away from Google IO 2014?s date. The timing is pretty precise, based on Google?s habit of releasing updates for Android OS every 8 months. Between Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean updates, there is an 8-month gap. It was a bit shorter on Kitkat, but they never released updates later than 8-9 months. The upcoming update could pretty much be called ?Lollipop? , which matches up with Google?s logo.


Google can probably jump into the smartwatch industry as well. These smart watches will be powered by the Android Wear platform. We can tell that these will be discussed at the event, but you really can?t expect an official Google watch being made just yet. Not for now, at least.

The company?s smart software will inform the wearer of significant things to know about ? like estimation of when you will arrive at a designated location, how fast you are going, or if there is any possible danger nearby.


Lots of them, in fact, an ?Army? of them.? Google just purchased Robot manufacturers. Larry Page and Sergey Brin might be ready for their big debut on Google IO. Army of Robots will certainly be making their way to the event this June.

They purchased a pretty well-known robot manufacturer, Boston Dynamics ?before the previous year ended, and along with it, another 6 robot manufacturers in just 8 days. Google is really intent in creating an army of robot-making geniuses. What purpose, these robots will serve, is not clear though. Most probably, for manufacturing, but the best bet is to just tune in about it at Google IO.

Project Ara

Think LEGO meets smartphone, or the other way around, and you?ll get Project Ara. Its aim is to let users and consumers upgrade or downgrade their phone easily with a modular phone that has detachable parts. It actually is similar to how a LEGO toy works.


If you have, somehow, missed the registration, there will still be a livestream for both 25th and 26th of the event. Hangout? sessions will also be available for more developer broadcast goodies.

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