Things you should know before you buy an iPhone or else you might regret the purchase

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The iPhone isn?t just a phone to die-hard Apple fans; it?s a thing of beauty. When you hold it in your hands, you can easily tell the appeal of Apple products and how the company?s managed to make people get an upgrade on their devices every year.

But what the die-hard Apple fans won?t tell you is that they put up with a lot of things with their precious, precious 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C and 5S. What?s more, they pay top dollar for a lot of shortcomings from a phone that?s supposed to make their life easier.

So if you?re planning to buy an iPhone, make sure you know what you?re getting into:

  • Easier to use but more taps to get the things you want done.

There?s no question that even a toddler can use this phone, but when you look at it, you need to tap more items to get things done. The first action is to always swipe to the app then tap the app. Android?s widgets have always held the shortcut crown over iOS on this one.

  • You can?t use a song for a ringtone.

For people who like to make their smartphones ?all their own?, the lack of customization the Apple flagship phone offers is disappointing. What if you want people to hear ?My Heart Will Go On? whenever your honey calls you? You can?t do that with an iPhone. What you can do is get a charming wind chime sound instead.

  • iTunes is the only way you can move media onto the iPhone and it’s a pain to use.

If you want anything ported to your iPhone, you need iTunes. But iTunes is horrendous. For a company that prides itself on the most intuitive UI, iTunes is woefully difficult to use and messes up your PC media library with duplicates and discrepancies. This is what Apple users put up with the most and fail to tell everyone else: the horror that is iTunes.

  • You can’t access all the apps on the Apple App store because some are country-locked.

Want to get that JRPG? Nope, you need to be in the Japan store and have a Japanese credit card to buy that. How about that awesome to-do app? Whoops, no can do that?s on the UK store. Although there are ways to circumvent the app store country locks like changing stores and buying iTunes gift cards online, it?s sometimes too complicated and too much trouble for some people.

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