Things to love about Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls just came out last March 25 and a lot of long-time Diablo players are wondering if the expansion is worth the wait, the money and the effort to play. Here at the Bitbag, we say that there?s a lot to love about the new expansion. If you?ve been looking for new life to be breathed into a game that went stale many months ago, then look no further.

So here are the things to love about Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls:

  • Transmogs

That?s right, they?ve finally let players customize their gear and at costs that don?t break your gold find! You can get all the standard armor sprites by just levelling the transmog merchant up and every new legendary item you pick up adds to the possible transmogs! You can also modify your gear stats with the same merchant. So if you want that unique crossbow to have a socket, you just need the right materials!

  • Crusader class

Most players who played right up to before the launch know how much lore and content about the new class was leaked. The crusader in action doesn?t disappoint at all; they?re the high-damage tank everyone?s been waiting for. If the Barbarian class doesn?t do enough damage for you or the monk class can?t handle certain situations, the Crusader can definitely get the tanking done.

  • Malthael

The last boss (we don?t think that?s a spoiler at all) of the expansion does not disappoint. Even for level-capped players with 60% complete gear can find him a great challenge on the right difficulty setting. Plus, he isn?t like Azmodan where you would just walk past his ugly mug on your way to Arreat. You will stop and listen when Malthael comes to visit.

  • Nephalem Rifts

The after-campaign content really are rewarding challenges and are sure to keep you and your friends coming back to farm more gear. Keep in mind that Blizzard now allows better drops for full party members so grab 3 other players when you open your Horadric caches!

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