Things to hate about Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

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Sometimes you think there?s hope that Diablo 3 and its expansion, Reaper of Souls will live up to the trailer we saw so long ago where you could bash walls and kill enemies. Technically, you can but not like how the trailer quite showed it. Now that Reaper of Souls has been released, is it really worth the extra $40? Or, Heavens forbid, the extra $60 for the Digital Deluxe edition?

Here at the Bitbag, we like to tell it like it is. Although Reaper of Souls does present players with new content, a new class and a bit more after killing Diablo (again), we think that Blizzard may not have met some players? expectations.

So what are the things we hate about Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls? Here they are:

  • Higher game specs required

You may not know it but if you?re running Diablo 3 on the lowest settings just so your laptop or PC can play it, you might not be able to handle RoS. Why? The game is gorgeous so that added effects of mist, rain and dream-like panoramas are going to wreak havoc on your already-beleaguered system.

  • Nerfed magic find

The main reason why players keep coming back to Diablo is because of the magic items. Even if you?ve completed the game, you go through every quest just to get the gear you want for that perfect build. Now, it?s been revealed that magic find shrines have reduced effect and your unique items only count for 10% of all your loot. Farming isn?t quite fun anymore.

  • Story is still stale

For an expansion that took two years to make, it?s still the same battle with different enemy sprites. Although plot and story have never been the game?s strong points, the fact that an Angel is now the main baddie didn?t get the treatment it deserved.

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