Things to Consider Before You “Jailbreak” Your iPhone

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Many iPhone users have resorted to jailbreaking their phones. This?activity has become very popular these days. It is something that has become a “must” with iPhones nowadays. The question to new iPhone users is this: Should I jailbreak my iPhone?

Jailbreaking gives users of iPhones the ability to use new and varied capabilities and features of the iPhone that remain hidden because of restrictions imposed by Apple. It requires making changes to the operating system (OS) of the iPhone and forces it to accept a new set of instructions. Of course, ?Apple prohibits this kind of change and discourages iPhone users from doing this.

There are many reasons why you should not listen to Apple and just go ahead with making new changes to your phone. But on the contrary, there are also plenty of reasons why you should stay away from jailbreaking at all costs. Let us weigh in these reasons.


Why You Should Jailbreak your iPhone

Jailbreaking removes most of the restrictions imposed by Apple upon its consumers. Most of these restrictions are connected to downloading applications, themes, and wallpapers from outside sources, meaning, sources that are outside the App store. Jailbreaking definitely adds variety to your preferences.


Some consumers are irritated that they have to remain dependent upon iTunes for even music as they cannot get it from the smartphones owned by their friends, unlike Android phones. ?Some even said that they are paying the full price of the device so they must be allowed to do whatever they want with their devices – exactly what jailbreaking is all about. They wanted to fully exercise they rights as owners and be free to download anything they want in their phones.

Authorities have now declared jailbreaking as a legal activity. This has been made legal with the condition that the customer has paid in full for the software and the hardware to the company. This made more and more iPhone owners decide to jailbreak their iPhones. Nothing’s stopping them anymore from customizing their phones the way they want to.


Why You Should Not Jailbreak Your iPhone

The main reason why Apple does not like its customers tinkering with the iOS is obviously because of security reasons.

evasion jailbreak ios 7

Although they have not said anything about this yet, it is a 99.9% probability that Apple will not help you if something goes wrong with your phone after jailbreaking. There is no certainty that no harm will come tour device after opening it to new changes. Would you take that risk for your expensive device? It might be helpful to consider that there have been innumerable instances where people have bricked their iPhones because of faulty and incorrect ways of jailbreaking.?These phones have become unstable after jailbreaking and they cannot be rectified at all. Apple also makes it difficult for users to obtain updates of iOS after jailbreaking.


Whatever you decide to do for your iPhone, consider all the factors first. You might end up regretting your decision in the end.

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