Things That Google Didn’t Tell Us About Android L

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Android L Developer Preview
Android L Developer Preview

Android L was recently revealed, and Google even made a preview for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, but there is some stuff about the new Android that Google didn?t bother mentioning. If you?ve got the preview of the Android L on either of these devices, you can start exploring some nifty new features on the new mobile operating system.

One of the first things that you will notice with Android L is the lock screen. It looks a bit similar to iOS interface, but with a heavy touch of Google?s card-like feel. You can see the notifications from the lock screen, tap to focus on it, then tap it again to launch the app for the notification (e.g: messages, alarm, reminder, etc.)

You can also swipe these notifications away to remove them. You can also swipe to the right (without touching any notification item) to go directly to the dialer and left to go the camera app. In the future public release, we might be given the ability to modify which apps or screens we want for this gesture, and widgets can also make their way back on the lock screen, as they were removed for now.

The Notification area also had a big change. Pulling down the status bar brings even more items in a stacked and neat fashion.

Another addition is the ?Do Not Disturb? option which is probably borrowed from the iOS. You can set this up for certain contacts, manually or automatically at a specific time period.

The new battery settings have also been revamped to show REAL accurate stats. KitKat?s battery stats was a whack with its utter inaccuracy. That was a thing of the past for Android L. The battery monitor now shows a precise estimation on how much longer you will have to wait before the phone is completely charged (when plugged) or when it will die out while on standby. This, however, varies, depending on which apps you use. A battery saver has also been introduced.

There are lots of changes with Android L, and why not get it now to see everything in action?

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