Things you missed in the Captain America Civil War new trailer

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You saw the new trailer, now it is time to check out what you might have missed

The newest trailer for Captain America: Civil War has been revealed recently to hype up the film coming up in just a few weeks. The two minute trailer featured some new scenes for the movie as well as some extended footage of dialogue from Tony and Steve from the early trailers. Plus, there are some parts that are referencing the previous movies that help build up Civil War. So let us take a look at what hints were shown at the latest trailer:

Prelude to Civil War

Starting the setting for war requires some foundation, so the story involves General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross briefing the current Avengers team about the aftermath of the recent incidents. These include the Battle of New York (Avengers) with 74 casualties and $18.8 billion in damages, crashing two helicarriers into Washington D.C. (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) with 23 casualties and $2.8 billion in damages, and in Sokovia (Avengers: Age of Ultron) with 177 casualties and $478 billion in damages. So the Superhero Registration Act was established due to these events.

Black Panther?s Face

We get to see a short glimpse of T?challa?s face in the scene where the United Nations building is being bombed. On why Black Panther was in the building, the reason is that T?challa is also the leader of the fictional African nation called Wakanda

The Raft

If you saw the prison-like tower that resurfaced from the sea, it is most likely The Raft from the comic book series. It is possible that this will be the prison facility for those who do not comply with the Superhero Registration Act.

Here comes Spidey

And finally, at the end of the trailer, Tony mentioned he has an additional member on his team, which he called Underoos. Suddenly, a string of web was shot on Cap?s shield, then a familiar guy in a red suit suddenly leaps above Cap and snatched his shield. Spider-Man has finally made his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Captain America: Civil War will premiere this May 6

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