Things that the Google Play Store can Improve Upon

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An aerial view of Google’s core buildings. [By Austin McKinley (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

As Google encroaches more and more upon Apple?s territory, it?s inevitable for the two giants to clash.

That?s what the Android Authority article is all about, at least. There is a battle that Apple and Google is waging, and it?s not just for the top spot; this is for all the marbles, for the approval of both the developers and consumers alike. But when the dust settles, what will the landscape look like? We explore what will happen as Google?s Play Store tries to make headway to their efforts.

Another article from Culture Mob gives us a look into what Google should do to break away from Apple and finally take the lead in the race. Transparency is important in many dealings in our world today, and the same would work to Google?s advantage. Should they make a heads-up to the developers about this?

Figures don?t lie

Google Play and iTunes basically offers the same thing, but to different customers. According to Android Authority, Google has a slight lead due to its being open to everyone. Google Play-bought apps, e-books and movies can be watched on any platform?even Apple?s iPhones. The Apple, however, is limited by its exclusivity to iOS users and owners.

Another benefit for the Android crowd is that with Google apps, people usually don?t need any other PC or to download iTunes in order to create an app. With Apple apps, owning a Mac and having iTunes on it is a requirement, not an option. It?s easier to create apps for the Android crowd than for the iOS crowd because of this, although it is more financially rewarding to have an app on the iTunes store.

Improving the Information System

If Google Play wants to leave Apple behind for good, however, they should do well on improvements within their App Store.

Google Play apps, according to Culture Mob, have a lot of chances to make their features more transparent. This could lead to people knowing what their in-game purchases are for, and what the games and apps are really all about. It?s true that there are a lot of kids downloading game apps nowadays and they are at the forefront of accidental purchases.

With a fix to the games, according to Culture Mob, Google stands to become a better place than the iTunes Store currently is.

The Real Score

As it looks like. Google is a better place if people want to create games and develop apps. However, that?s not to say that Apple?s iTunes is down and out; it?s far from that, actually. Until Google manages to encroach on the exclusive territory that is in Apple?s control, they will never be truly on top.


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